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Rick Largarticha, CEO, BEECO, Bykowski EquipmentRick Largarticha, CEO, BEECO
Established in 1968, Bykowski Equipment and Engineering Co. (BEECO) has emerged as a leader in engineering, parts, and service for clients sanitary processing systems. Its experienced team of engineers and project managers helps clients choose and install the right process systems, including HTST pasteurization systems, steam to hot water “Hot Sets,” clean-in-place (CIP) systems, and blending rooms. They are prepared to answer any process-related questions and meet quotation needs. “We take pride in our capability and experience to target several segments of the industry, including dressings, HTST, hot-fill systems, chilling systems, mixing, batching, raw material storage, and anything regarding liquid food,” says Rick Largarticha, CEO, BEECO. The company implements all the utilities associated with processing systems, including cooling towers, boilers, and refrigeration systems, to help clients fulfill their processing needs and meet sanitary standards.

What enables BEECO to offer such comprehensive service is its team’s dedication to fulfilling customers’ ever-evolving requirements. Through in-depth discussion with clients, BEECO first understands their needs and goals, such as the flow rates and production rates they want to achieve and what level of automation they want. Analyzing all the crucial factors, the company provides clients with a preliminary two-dimensional drawing that describes their entire plan visually. The team then engineers all of the components required to hit the first process idea and starts connecting all the dots of the process.
Next, they define the process through a detailed drawing that includes in-depth information on the work area. BEECO ultimately implements the customized layouts after the clients’ approval. In a nutshell, BEECO custom designs, engineers, or orders equipment and installs the equipment as a system at customers’ facility, delivering the highest level of services.

BEECO is not just an engineering and design firm, but it also has an entire in-house sales group and stocks most of the repair components required for the equipment it supplies. The company builds skid inside their skid building facility and ships it to clients’ locations instead of developing it on-site if the processes are small. Its certified repair house and dedicated department for pump repairing can repair any pump. Furthermore, BEECO has a whole department that refurbishes plate and frame heat exchangers and maintains them annually.

Such capabilities have enabled BEECO to drive several projects toward success. The company has recently completed a 250 gallon-a-minute hot-fill system for a client. They implemented a complete beverage hot fill pasteurization system that included all the utilities, boiler, cooling tower, large sucrose storage tanks, sucrose CIP system, and controls. In another case, they installed a complete dressing system for a dressing company to supply dressing packets.
  • We take pride in our capability and experience to target several segments of the industry, including dressings, HTST, hot-fill systems, chilling systems, mixing, batching, raw material storage, and anything regarding liquid food

Going forward, BEECO will expand its footprint further. In fact, they have recently leased an 18,000 square feet facility. The company also has purchased a stainless steel laser cutting machine and brake to expand its offering of custom-made stainless steel components. This will enable them to supply their own components for the custom pumps they assemble. Further, BEECO is investing millions of dollars in equipment to expand its fabrication capabilities and offer a one-stop-shop for clients’ sanitary and processing needs. “With an aim to serve clients beyond their expectations, we continue to develop custom fabrication, implement sanitary processing systems, and secure the best equipment at the best price for clients,” concludes Largarticha.

Bykowski Equipment

Chino, California

Rick Largarticha, CEO, BEECO

Bykowski Equipment and Engineering Co. offers services, including engineering and installation of process systems, stocking and distribution of commonly used sanitary parts for the food processing and beverage industry

Bykowski Equipment
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