FoodChainID: Technology Enabled Food Safety Solutions and more... for the Food Supply Chain

Dr. Heather Secrist, Sr. Vice President, Americas at FCID. Dr. Ruud Overbeek, Mark Dabroski, SVP, Commercial Services,FoodChain ID

Global Management Consulting Services, LLC: Seamless Trading and Compliance with Multi-lingual services

Joseph Bou Samra, Managing Director,Global Management Consulting Services, LLC

Thermo Fisher Scientific: The Future Of Food Safety Begins Here

Thermo Fisher Scientific: The Future Of...

Marc N. Casper, President and CEO,Thermo Fisher Scientific

Menu : Managing All Ordering And Delivery Touchpoints With Digital Restaurant Ecosystem

Menu : Managing All Ordering And...

Karl Heinz Koch, Co-Founder and CEO,Marlon Koch, Co-Founder and CPO,Menu Technologies

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