Leveraging Technology to Drive Successful Business

Leveraging Technology to Drive Successful Business

Scott Lane, CIO, Beaver Street Fisheries

Cirrus Tech, Inc.: Augmenting Warehouse Capacity

Darrell Dunham, President,Cirrus Tech, Inc

Restaurant Analyst: The Critical Job That Doesn't Exist

Peter Venti, Director of Operations, RealFood Consulting

Applied Data Corporation: The Grandmaster of Fresh Food Retail Tech

Shamus Hines, CEO and Robert Appell, Chief Product Officer,Applied Data Corporation

Deacom, Inc.: Single-System ERP for Food and Beverages Industry

Deacom, Inc.: Single-System ERP for...

Jay Deakins, Founder & President,Deacom, Inc.

InnoVint: Tradition and Technology Blend to Advance Winery Operations

InnoVint: Tradition and Technology...

Ashley DuBois Leonard, CEO,InnoVint

Our Obsession with Optimizing the Food System, One Startup at a Time

Our Obsession with Optimizing the Food...

Brett Brohl, Managing Director, Techstars

OPTEL: Building Intelligent Supply Chains

OPTEL: Building Intelligent Supply Chains

Louis Roy, Founder & President,OPTEL

The Role of IT as a Strategic Business Partner

Mike Knezevich, Director-IT, Ingredion Incorporated

xtraChef: Controlling the Chaos

Andy Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO,xtraChef

MarginEdge: Comprehensive Digital Empowerment

MarginEdge: Comprehensive Digital...

Bo Davis, Co-Founder & CEO,MarginEdge

Internet of Things (IoT) Revolutionizing the Industry

Internet of Things (IoT)...

JeffSommers , Co-Owner and Co-Founder, Izzy's Ice Cream

Transforming for Customer-Centric Retail

Transforming for Customer-Centric Retail

Jason Goldberg, SVP Commerce & Content Practice, SapientRazorfish

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