Newrest: Marrying Technology with Catering to Make the World a Better Place

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A fed crowd is a happy crowd, and a happy crowd is a productive crowd. Today, catering plays a crucial role in ensuring that a corporate environment is a productive space. Being in the catering business takes hard work, dedication, experience to excel by overcoming the challenges that come with time. One of the foremost challenges that caterers face is the rising costs of food materials and labor. Along with it comes the complexity of menu planning for corporate catering. An unplanned menu can lead to embarrassment for the host and wastage of food. Adding to their woes is mismanagement of the supply chain, leading to even more losses.

Mitigating the unique set of impediments and redefining corporate catering is Toulouse, Occitanie-based Newrest. A specialist in out-of-home food service, Newrest is a global leader in multi-sector catering. Currently serving in 58 countries, the firm has established its proficiency in every sector of catering and related services, including inflight, rail and group catering, retail, buy on board, duty-free, remote site, and support services. With 29,500 employees worldwide in 58 countries, Newrest is also the first largest ‘independent’ airline caterer worldwide.

The firm provides in-flight catering services that include everything from menu design to culinary skills and logistics management. Besides, it also provides Wagons-Lits in the train service market with the aim of helping rail operators in their quest for the best onboard service at the right price for customers. Newest manages restaurant, cafeteria, or reception lounge of several public and private companies, administrations, and embassies across the world.

It also provides catering services to teaching establishments, including public and private elementary schools, secondary schools, and universities. Apart from these, the firm has set up remote sites that have expanded its activities geographically over the years and started operating in hazardous areas.
The firm is fervently invested in respecting essential environmental values. The use of local, fresh and seasonal products, coupled with its responsible purchasing policy, the treatment and reduction of waste, the fight against food waste, and the use of responsible packaging are behaviors that illustrate Newrest’s conviction in terms of ecology.

Striving to maintain long-term relationships with customers, Newrest has adopted a method of honest and open communication with the clients to solve problems quickly. The sincere company checks its supplied machines periodically and always stays at clients’ beck and call to answer every need. In the process, the company becomes not only a trusted supplier but also a business partner.
  • Newrest provides in-flight catering services, including everything from menu design to culinary skills and logistics management.

Driving Newrest is the in-house team that works behind the scenes and ensures all customer demands are met efficiently. The team’s expertise (from the directors to the front liners and back-office), and relationship with partners and customers, and local insights are the principal things the company values. At Newrest, employees are helped by modern technologies such as automated production lines that carry out repetitive work and let the employees focus on meaningful tasks. Aside from establishing local stock levels of wearable and critical parts for installed machines, the company focuses on building a strong team where all the players are experts in operating Newrest products. The team’s majority consists of technical service personnel dedicated to providing timely service to the customers.

Standing at the forefront of the food and beverage industry, Newrest is looking forward to onboard more clients in the future through its best-in-class catering services. Further, the company is spending on R&D heavily to research new technologies to suggest also and develop unique machines to meet the customers’ needs.


Toulouse, Occitanie

Olivier Sadran, Chief Executive Officer

A specialist in out-of-home food service, Newrest is a global leader in multi-sector catering

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