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The Intelligent, Integrated Restaurant

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Access to Meat Nutrition through Alternative Ingredients

By Food and Beverages | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Axiom Foods is the first, largest and most inventive brown rice product source in the world. Axiom Foods is the major supplier of allergens-friendly brown rice raw ingredients and products through excellent research, technology, quality control, and knowledge sharing. The company offers outstanding customer service and helps customers to formulate finished products in collaboration with their first formulators. The objective of the company is to make food and nutrition products more accessible to consumers by implementing alternative and healthy ingredients for producers globally. The company believes in achieving optimal results at all levels by investing the time, effort, information, and resources required. Axiom achieves all this while maintaining the principles of eternal loyalty to customers and other partners respect for the environment and endeavoring to be an accountable and ethical employer.

The company began with a vision to constantly produce standard brown rice ingredients. In addition to protein, the rapidly growing lines of Axiom's brown rice products include syrups, milk, flours, and starches. Since 2005, Axiom Foods has focused on increasing the real potential of brown rice as the ultimate active ingredient of the food product. All Axiom products are primarily derived from brown rice in a wholly natural and patent-pending process, perhaps the most perfect food.

Food formulators who have always been worried to come up with ways to mask the sharp-green pea and musky hemp protein flavor now have access to the first virtually neutral pea and hemp protein ingredients in Axiom Foods Cannatein® and Vegotein NTM. Vegotein NTM is highly functional which has an 80 percent concentration and is therefore naturally produced in the U.S. from non-GMO yellow peas grown in North America. The ingredient is rich in iron and in lysine and arginine in particular. It can be usually mixed with rice protein to produce a complete protein, has a high viscosity with excellent gelation, emulsion-stable, has excellent water holding capacity, and has a perfectly smooth mouthfeel.

Cannatein® Hemp Protein gives the best-brewed and highly concentrated hemp protein that is fragmented from the heart of a hemp. This is currently the most trendy plant protein and super food in the market. The shelf life is doubled to 24 months, and the shelf life of other hemp proteins is 6 to 12 months. It is non-GMO protein and moreover, is rich in omega and vitamins. Axiom tends to bring compassion and empathy to the food industry by emphasizing that animals no longer need muscle building. The company is taking the lead in making peas and rice the new meat.



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