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Restaurants are Ripe for Innovation

Be All Ears: Customer is your only Competitor!

Food and Beverages | Monday, June 24, 2019

To keep the customers who post ratings and reviews engaged reflects that the company cares and invests in recuperating guests when things don’t go as the way it was planned.

FREMONT, CA: An earnest affair that revolves around the restaurant business is reviews, but that is not confined to the professionals as technology serves a platform which enables every individual to write their unabashed reviews regarding their experiences. To dictate on someone’s opinion regarding the food served, services offered, or the online cleanliness is unethical, so it is necessary to manage the services well with advanced technology and skilled workers.

App Versatility:

While approaching reviews, restaurants prefer sticking to a particular application that can fetch them the customer feedback from time to time. However, companies should think about expanding their views and collect customer experiences from every possible source, as technology has given rise to multiple channels where clients comment and share their experiences about the services.

Stay Local:

Companies create business profiles and corporate websites to increase their visibility and promote their brands on social media platforms, but it is also significant to carry out a similar process in the local location to keep customers informed. Companies should provide local web pages which can serve as a direct channel for the customers to write their displeasure regarding certain services. Local pages develop into a critical part of the overall social review strategy, which organizations need to set up carefully, and they are well-equipped to handle the responses locally.

Better not too Late:

It is essential to improve search rankings alongside ensuring customer satisfaction on the social media platform, as well as respond to the clients with the help of online algorithms.   It is crucial to respond within 2 hours, as a delayed response might make them feel unheard or their issue to be insignificant.

Implementation of Reviews:

The implementation of ideas suggested by customers in their reviews, along with utilizing new emerging trends, can be an effective method of improving the company. Apart from that, the restaurants can include promotional as well as customer feedback strategies like a guest experience questionnaire at the bottom of the receipt, with the chance to win attractive offers if completed.

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