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Boosting Income with ShiftOne

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, January 15, 2019

ShiftOne is a unique solution to tackle America’s hourly labor force turnover pandemic. It is a mobile application that reduces turnover, increases income, and enhances hourly employees’ and managers’ employment. It uses data from a point-of-sale system, a Guest Test Collector, for power competitions in real time, fosters communication and recognition and monitors operational health factors such as the risk of accidents. It comes with automated AI-driven analysis tools, which enable leadership on all levels to support and maintain their teams without lifting a finger.

MomentSnap, an employee engagement solution, has said about its formal rebrand called ‘ShiftOne.’ This change in name forms part of the company’s new focus on solving the costliest dilemma of the restaurant industry, namely, frontline turnover. The solutions of the company are highly productive, and they include Data Decryptor, Shift Engine, Smart Alerts, and Teamstream. Their system syncs, processes, and synthesizes any performance data source– PoS, KDS, Guest and Review, into an easy mobile interface. The AI tools that the app provides analyze employee KPIs and provide operational insights into recognition and sales risk. The chat interface of the company facilitates the recognition of the employees directly and offers an important hub for distributing operational information over time.

ShiftOne is helping to retain, motivate, and strengthen employees through an app-based platform, all from the smartphone of workers. It uses real-time, individual performance data typically from the point-of-sale system of a restaurant or the Guest Review Picker, to boost competitions and fuel genuine recognition. Machine learning allows managers to monitor operational health factors, such as turnover risk and encourages them to talk when an employee is not happy.

“The price of losing a single hourly team member to turnover is upwards of $5,800, and the average turnover rate in American restaurants is 102.8%,” says Ashish Gambhir, Co-Founder, and President, ShiftOne. The rebranding has also revealed during a period of business growth in which ShiftOne increased its engineering resources by 50 percent, doubling its recurrent annual revenues. 

ShiftOne has demonstrated that its solutions can boost the performance of their clients by about 4-15 percent increases in critical business metrics like Per Person Average Sales. ShiftOne solutions are currently in use at some of the restaurants including Dave and Buster's, BJ's Brewhouse, Taste of Belgium, Applebee, and Five Guys.

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