Can New Packaging Innovations Sustain in Food and Beverages Industry?
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Can New Packaging Innovations Sustain in Food and Beverages Industry?

By Food and Beverages | Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Frequent travels, busier lifestyles, and enhanced information revolving around health and nutrition have developed the demand for healthy as well as indulgent food items.

FREMONT, CA: Previously, the packaging alone was capable of changing consumer preferences and purchases, but the scenario now deals with the reverse where consumers are steering the packaging world. The attempt of such a method has created a requirement for specialized as well as special packaging equipment.


Packaging equipment requires coming up with a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, as well as portions along with including single-serve, multi-serve, and bulk packaging for various retailers. The method of versatility packaging places the industry on top with flexible packaging machinery, which can be seen going forward in the coming years.Food Processing and Packaging

Shorter Switch: 

Multipurpose equipment is critical, and many packagers are prioritizing shorter changeover times over speed of throughput in mechanical selection. 

Interactive Packaging:

QR codes have indeed found their place and settled with millennials after multiple false starts with baby boomers. Customers relish the capability to scan through their smartphones and collect detailed information on the product composition, expiration date, recycling information, and much more. Augmented reality lends a hand for a similar purpose as it offers the consumer with data regarding the product, which might be difficult for them to achieve otherwise.

Cleanable Robots:

With firm health and safety rules, food and beverage processors and food packaging companies for retail, typically restricted the robotic use to put the packaged goods on a pallet before they go out for shipping. Nevertheless, the time is changing, and now robot manufacturers are enhancing or developing robots appropriate for handling unpacked goods as well as the following washdown machinery that needs to be taken care of to achieve a bacteria-free surrounding, secure for food and beverages. The cleanable robots will be built to handle food and beverage products, along with creating new opportunities to take care of the industry products directly or indirectly.


Since Point of Sale is a digital device, the consumer can replace the retailer as the central point of the supply chain, needing a more multifaceted process to deliver the packed food item. Any product on an e-commerce site will draw more viewers or consumers than that of a retail store shelf, and it also delivers it directly to the buyer. Online shopping alters the packaging model from the beginning as primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging by positioning it on different levels of priority.

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