China`s Largest Online Community of Organic and Natural Consumers Has Gained Exceptional Traction through Blockchain Technology as Demand on Organic Food Traceability Surges Post-COVID

Food and Beverages | Friday, November 06, 2020

HONG KONG – OrgHive, the largest online community of organic and natural consumers in China, saw its overall views surpass the first 10-million milestone shortly after its launch of the blockchain-powered scanner, which provides transparency and trust in China’s organic and natural market, and helps customers pursue better lifestyle choices.

The venture capital arm of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) – Asia’s most influential digital transformation agency – launched OrgHive with the mission of promoting well-informed and healthier lifestyle choices in China in April 2020. In a bid to bridge the gap of distrust in organic food authenticity in the nation, OrgHive has recently launched an exclusive WeChat mini programme, which allows users to scan and verify over 2 billion organic certifications, issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C. (CNCA) per year, down to the individual instance of a SKU – each organic product is labelled with a unique 17-digit code that enables traceability from origin to retail.

The two biggest obstacles to consumers’ buying organic products are (1) distrust of product origin – consumers don’t know if the product they are buying is truly an organic product, and (2) lack of reliable information – consumers don’t know what the benefits are to buying organic or natural products. OrgHive tackles both by leveraging blockchain technology and AI-algorithm which match consumers with trustworthy products and brands.

The launch of the organic scanner coincided with an announcement that JD Super, a subsidiary of one of the largest e-commerce giants in China, would form a partnership with more than 10 brand members to start building an “organic traceability” mechanism in China in late August 2020.

It is evident that technology is the key driver to stimulate growth in the world’s fourth largest organic (food) market which amassed 68 billion Renminbi in sales last year, according to the latest report from CNCA.

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