Rethinking Industrial Security And Functional Safety In The New Normal

By Janne Kuivalainen SVP, Global Product Management & Development in Danfoss Drives

Rethinking Industrial Security And Functional Safety In...

Why is Food Service Management Important?

By Arthur Miller, Analysis Manager, Constellation Brands

Why is Food Service Management Important?

What is the Significance of Food Service Management

By Juliette Franklin,Director of Sustainability,Cal-Maine Foods

What is the Significance of Food Service Management

Food and Beverage: Industry Challenges and Solutions

Food and Beverages | Friday, April 12, 2019

In terms of warehousing, customer demand, and technology, the food and beverage sector is evolving rapidly. Due to the rapid evolution, keeping up with the changes is becoming difficult for the industry to track them. The technology helps managers improve quality control, increase the speed of product staging or sorting, and efficiently restore items.

Utilization of scientific knowledge and methods to the production of food and beverages can give a competitive advantage to manufacturers. In the beginning, time to market can be managed efficiently using experimental planning. Also by using high-precision analytical tools as multivariate regression, quality can be observed in real-time taking advantage of the technology available and comply with tougher regulation. Consumers are attracted more to people than products. Comprehending the need for human connection, businesses can now generate an incredible level of passion for a brand in ways that were previously impossible.

Voice technology in the food and beverage industry has just realized the use of this technology that allows multiple costs like an online transaction to be held. It also allows the food industry to be more accurate. Cost reduction and investment return have become the most observed field due to the voice world's enhancement. Due to the implementation of voice technology, order picking, in particular, has a huge impact. Earlier, hand-held scanner devices were used to complete the order picking process with a total of nine steps. While with voice technology, the steps have been reduced by 40 percent. It's also a great way to reduce mis-picks and pick errors by 50 percent over hand-held scanners.

We are all aware of technology advancement by signing the touchscreen with our fingers and using applications to order food directly at our doorstep from famous restaurants. It is up to the entrepreneurs to align and stay up-to-date with evolving technologies.

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