It is Augmented Reality that You Need
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It is Augmented Reality that You Need

By Food and Beverages | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Augmented Reality has been an important reason for the hotel industry to promote and achieve larger customers on the online space. AR not only serves as a supreme asset for the hoteliers but also allows the guests to avail the amenities conveniently.

FREMONT, CA: After many decades people got to witness the usage as well as the power of augmented reality (AR) through the gaming experiences primarily. It took a long time for the world to adopt innovative technology, but now, it is all set to go beyond the gaming world and implement it for business purposes.

The use of augmented reality in the hotel industry is one of the significant players that help in producing revenue. With every hotelier investing in augmented reality to improve their business revenue, technology in market size is likely to touch two hundred billion dollars in the next five years.

Augmented reality has been providing boundless opportunities to the hotel industry by engaging their guests with virtual tours of the room before the reservations. The virtual tours help the guests to plan their trip and get the essential insights beforehand. Out of numerous reasons, here are a few that reflects the interest of the hoteliers to invest in augmented reality:

Better Promotions:

There are lavish hotels across the globe, which are utilizing augmented reality in their brochures to display their accommodation and amenities to the potential guests. It enables the guests to see the virtual layout of the hotel property and book accordingly with requirements such as pool, spa, restaurant, or gym. By making use of augmented reality, hotels can increase customer satisfaction and bring better booking rates by providing the guest with better information regarding their stay in the property.

Guest Identification:

For any hotel, guests are a unique asset, and they need to be taken care of with utmost care. Since recognizing every guest might get clumsy during rush hours, the staff can use AR-driven equipment to identify if the visitor is an old patron or a new one.

Information Marketing:

By installing an app offered by the hotel, guests can receive meaningful information with the help of augmented reality. The technology can help me various methods by pointing the smartphone in a particular direction within the hotel and getting notifications such as maintenance issues, updates on housekeeping status, or navigate toward the pool.

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