Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

By Kevin Myers, Chief Marketing and Information Officer, Donatos Pizza

Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Brings

By Paula Suarez, VP-IT, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.

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Technology for Improving Hospitality

By TJ Schier, President, SMART Restaurant Group

Technology for Improving Hospitality

Restaurants are Ripe for Innovation

By Joe Tenczar, CIO & Partner, 3CIOs

Restaurants are Ripe for Innovation

It's Time to Dine with the Technology

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, June 04, 2019

FREMONT, CA: New and innovative technologies have been adopted by the restaurant industry to improve the dinner plans of customers, giving them an unforgettable experience. Online ordering services have made having food on the couch and not driving down in the car for it a popular trend. By employing technology, organizations relax working hours for employees and cut down the employee-cost. The tableside POS technology offers the opportunity of online drink deliveries within half its previous time and raises the number of orders and tips for the restaurant.

Place Your Own Order: The introduction of self-ordering kiosks has minimized human labor by doing the work of the human cashier. The cashier-less kiosk helps customers in placing their individual orders directly without any human interaction while allowing the restaurant to gain a massive number of customers. Quick-service restaurants have been implementing this technology to increase their customer experience and to gain popularity on being a technology-driven enterprise.

Chef Robot:  Few restaurants have employed robotic chefs that prepare the dishes for the customers when they touch the screens, commanding the robot to cook accordingly. There are also provisions made by restaurants where robots serve as the bartender, with automatic shaking and twisting arms to make cocktails. Robotic chefs are being utilized by various restaurants, and have possibilities for being cost-effective in the near future.

AI in Restaurant Management: AI has the capacity of making inventory management and reservation POS integrations more insightful, which can help in smooth-running of the business and its management. The work done by the inventory management software can be made entirely automatic with the help of AI, and it can also help in tracking the potential food requirements of the restaurant, keeping it cost-effective. AI facilitates online reservation, promptly making sure the customer gets the information about events nearby and retaining a seat for them in advance.

The industry of restaurant has adopted technologies which are latest and ground-breaking with modern tools, to create an ultramodern impression of their company and extraordinary customer experience. 

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