Rethinking Industrial Security And Functional Safety In The New Normal

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How Marco's Pizza Leaned On Technology To Succeed Amid The Pandemic By Quickly Pivoting To Contact-Free Delivery And Curbside Carryout

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Bolstering Employee Engagement

How Marco's Pizza Leaned on Technology to Succeed amid the Pandemic by Quickly Pivoting to Contact-free Delivery and Curbside Carryout

By Rick Stanbridge, VP & Chief Information Officer, Marco’s Pizza

How Marco's Pizza Leaned on Technology to Succeed amid...

Mobile Point-of-Sale Opens Up New Arenas for Hotel Industry

Food and Beverages | Thursday, February 28, 2019

Technology has always been a critical factor in implementing sales and marketing campaigns. The attention from operational efficiency has been shifted to the customer experience. With technology in the mix, the point-of-sale (POS) has transitioned to point-of-experience. The hotel industry has the same benchmark. Hotels can spend millions of dollars on renovating, but if the point-of-experience is not optimum, then the hotel is going to receive minimal ratings online. The staff of the hotel are their goodwill carriers. If they serve quickly and they can give the best personal experience to the guests, then they turn into the brand ambassadors of the hotel.   

Mobile POS is beneficial for both hotels and guests. It quickens the service multifold because the staff can bring the orders directly to the guests anywhere on the property. For guests, they can order anything they want and wherever they happen to be. This increases the satisfaction level. Mobile POS is laying the foundation for future integration with artificial intelligence or customer-relationship-management systems. The staff can have accurate information about the guests ready in their hands. They can personalize and provide a great experience with their stay. 

AI and chatbots can be used for room service and self-service ordering; however, they are not ready for full-fledged rollout at this time. Data scientists can help in making the POS client software successful. Data scientists can assist in optimizing forecasts and inventory and save millions of dollars over time. Monitoring analytics can help reduce wait times and improve overall performance. The food and beverage space in hotels has witnessed growth because the POS mobility assists the hotels in completing sales quicker and in new areas of their property. 

Mobile POS have created new opportunities and experiences because it is mobile in nature. Technology has made the POS systems more comfortable to use, and mobility positively impacts customer spending. POS has become very secure as the vendors have moved away from storing card data on their application and network. The vendors link and integrate to certified payment gateways. The security is such that the client card data is always encrypted and the payment devices are encrypted and secured. Technology has played an essential role in making POS secure and usable in the hotel industry. The standardization of the Mobile POS will be in the near future.   

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