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Smart-enabled X-ray makes fat analysis more profitable

By Food and Beverages | Thursday, May 28, 2020

Introduced to the meat industry in 2003, in-line X-ray analysis has proven to be a great way to control the fat/lean mix in meat products while simultaneously checking for foreign objects.

Even so, barriers to full exploitation of this powerful technology remain. For instance, many producers have a high-turnover of staff leading to uncertainty about compliance with standard operating procedures for use and maintenance of analysers. Similar concerns apply to the reference checks that need to be made periodically against benchtop NIR instruments – are they being performed and recorded correctly and is the NIR up to date and reliable?

FOSS introduce the new MeatMaster II with smart-enabled features that make in-line fat analysis simpler and more rewarding than ever.

Exploiting the full business potential of X-ray

The connectivity provided with the smart-enabled solution ensures reliable fat analysis with an automatic validation of MeatMaster test results against a benchtop NIR analyser. This avoids the risk of human error involved with existing methods where an operator has to record and enter data manually. Instead, a barcode registered sample is measured on both the MeatMaster and the reference instrument. The sample results are then compared automatically and reports highlight any need for adjustment.

Digital eye improves consistency throughout the organisation

Another aspect of the connectivity is that it provides a desktop overview of how analysis is being performed, no matter how many instruments and sites are involved. It is simple to monitor compliance with standard operating procedures and to identify training requirements across the organisation. Auto audit trails across all plants and performance reports from FOSS experts track and document analytical performance over time.

Top performance for maximum profit

Part of the whole Smart approach is the FOSS SmartCare service available with the new MeatMaster II. This is the industry’s most intelligent service and support solution including rapid online support which streamlines preventive maintenance activities and avoids unplanned downtime by flagging potential problems before they impact daily operations.

FOSS meat industry manager, Poul Erik Simonsen said: “FOSS revolutionized meat analysis with the first MeatMaster in 2003 and launched the second generation, the MeatMaster II, in 2013. The new updated MeatMaster II takes the next logical step. By exploiting the latest generation Smart technology available to us today, it makes inline fat analysis more accessible, reliable and more profitable than ever.”

Background: MeatMaster makes a breakthrough in meat production control

The MeatMaster was the first inline X-ray analyser. It was introduced to the meat industry in 2003 and made an immediate impact on profitability for meat producers through its ability to measure the fat content of entire batches of meat. Fat content was no longer based on measured samples or so-called, butchers-eye visual assessment, but on continuous measurements made directly from within the production process. A much tighter control of fat content became possible, allowing MeatMaster users to hit targets more precisely which in turn led to immediate gains in their profit and customer satisfaction. The MeatMaster also performs foreign object detection simultaneously with the fat measurements.

Today, the original MeatMaster and the popular next-generation MeatMaster II instruments are in use around the globe for a wide range of applications, from specialist sausage production to high-volume ground meat production. Implementation of this powerful analytical technology is increasing, often with multiple instruments being deployed across production lines and across different sites. The new smart-enabled MeatMaster II offers the ideal solution to take the next step in fat testing of meat.

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