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Food and Beverages | Friday, August 07, 2020

By making use of a hybrid cloud computing approach, Barnet has successfully created its system to be a dependable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution. Through these new abilities, retailers and brands make real-time and data-driven decisions, which help in carrying out unique personalized customer experiences in stores.

FREMONT, CA: LOOP Insights Inc. recently announced its entrance into a Preferred Partnership Agreement with Barnet POS Systems Corp. Barnet is a leading provider of Point of Sale Terminals and ancillary services across Canada and the United States focusing on the Liquor and Food & Beverage industries.

The Agreement brings about a strong endorsement and commitment to work together on a strategy for the installation of the LOOP platform at every current customer locations of Barnet, which is about 500 plus.

The Agreement holds a five years term along with an automated one-year renewal has a time of 5 years and an automatic one-year renewal subsequently.

The partnership helps LOOP Insights to accelerate the company’s land grab acquisition for the Canadian liquor retail market. It also builds an immediate sizeable recurring revenue opportunity for LOOP and places it well over the halfway mark in their target of acquiring 1,000 retail liquor locations for the year.

A Canadian POS software development company, Barnet Group, has over 25 years of experience and is deployed in nearly 500 locations in Canada and the USA in the present. The Barnet System specializes in highly detailed, sophisticated, and regulatory-driven business models, which include Liquor, Food and Beverage, Grocery, Hospitality, and Cannabis. The POS Management Solution of Barnet for liquor stores is structured for its business model and has backed the Liquor industry for more than 20 years. Its Liquor System is highly customized for liquor board regulations and rules as well as is integrated with numerous vital vendors.

The POS products of Barnet have major features for areas of business such as customer loyalty system operations, comprehensive inventory control modules, multiple stores operation with head office, e-commerce, and mobile applications.

The Tech company, LOOP Insights has developed a unique automated AI marketing platform to level the turf for brick and mortar retailers in the online digital competition. LOOP provides the retailers with abilities to inter-connect their physical and digital ecosystems with devices that can be plugged into any POS environment, free from hardware or IT networks. 

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