Portocanna: A Pipeline for Quality Cannabis Products and Innovation

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Amit Edri, CEO and Co-Founder, PortocannaAmit Edri, CEO and Co-Founder
Portocanna aims to take the benefits of cannabis as a medicine to the European consumers through products of the highest quality standards and innovation.

Amit Edri, who is now CEO, and Co-Founder of Portocanna, recalls his experience in 2014: “When I interviewed several hospice patients, they would begin the conversation by telling me how they already lost their hope–However supplied for the first time with Medical Cannabis for their recurring pain, they experienced a massive relief from the suffering they had been experiencing.As a result, found a renewed appreciation for life.” This inspired the beginning of a journey into medical cannabis.

Edri realized, after years in the industry that one of the major hindrances stalling the Cannabis Industry, is inadequate, fragmented supply chain management. Aspects which culminate in vertically integrated, complex, and risky business models. Going against the tide of these practices, Edri envisioned creating one of the largest independent Medical Cannabis processing facilities to complement the fast-growing installed capacity of cannabis agricultural operations.

This would serve as a “One-Stop Shop” manufacturing platform for cannabis to qualify produce from GACP to GMP standards.
Ultimately, Edri’s led to the pursuit of an opportunity in Portugal, which offers perfect weather conditions, and clear, well implemented, cannabis regulations (which are akin to that of the pharmaceutical industry). It was at this point that Portocanna was founded.

The company operates as a Herbal Medicine company, under strict pharmaceutical guidelines, specialized in the manufacturing of finished high-grade cannabis products.

With an initial EU-GMP pharmaceutical facility strategically located in the center of Portugal and access to a unique genetic bank in Spain, our scalable industrial operations leverage on a network of local and international GACP growers to potentially serve thousands of patients through local distribution partners in different countries.
  • When I interviewed several hospice patients, they would begin the conversation by telling me how they already lost their hope

By investing in complementary capabilities—namely, pharmaceutical operations, biotechnology capabilities, supply chain management processes and our own bank of genetics with a partner nursery we work collaboratively with our partners to bring the highest quality medical-grade products to patients across Europe.

“We now have the capacity to qualify agricultural raw materials and herbal materials as final medicinal products. And by the end of 2022, we will be able to qualify and analyze flowers; conduct extractions; manufacture consumer products, and study the microbiology of cannabis in-house", thereby bringing the first phase of Edri’s one-stop shop for Medical Cannabis processing, to life.

Although Europe still faces regulatory uncertainty in the industry, Portocanna wants to capitalize on the market as the regulation becomes clearer. By bridging current industry operational bottlenecks with strategic capabilities, the company aims to establish itself as a relevant player. Building a best-in-class EU-GMP manufacturing platform, boosting 4.000sqm, will allow the collaborative development of a diverse portfolio of premium products with local growers and distribution partners to serve the market.



Amit Edri, CEO and Co-Founder

Strategically located in Portugal, Portocanna serves as an independent state-of-the-art hub for cannabis processing and extraction.

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