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Joachim Schulz, CEO, SesotecJoachim Schulz, CEO
As the global demand for food rises, so do the responsibilities of the food industry. Safe and efficient food production practices are crucial to the health of both humanity and the planet. Further, the consumers expect safe, high-quality food. Most retail chains require their suppliers to have relevant certifications. One key factor is the detection and removal of metals, contaminants and quality issues. Thus, food meant for human consumption has to be pure and cannot pose a health risk. This is one of the key requirements in the food industry. At the same time, contamination resulting from impurities during production can never be entirely ruled out. Machine wear and personal items belonging to staff are just two possible sources. Thus, companies opt for product inspection which has two perspectives.

First, Machine-based product inspection has become an integral part of the efforts by responsible food producers to guarantee that the goods they supply do not have any contaminants. Such inspections are part and parcel of an HACCP set-up or a requirement for successful certification under IFS or BRC, for example. In addition, they protect the manufacturer and the brand from claims for damages, recalls and a tarnished reputation. Secondly, Pieces of metal in particular can damage processing machines.

Contaminant detectors prevent machine breakdown, production downtime and costly repairs. That’s where Sesotec can help. “Here at Sesotec, our speciality is contaminant detection on an industrial scale.
We have been pursuing this focus for decades,” says Joachim Schulz, the CEO of Sesotec.

For more than 40 years, Sesotec has been a market leader in the field of contaminant removal and sorting technology. The company develops both standardised and customised food safety solutions for food and beverage manufacturers around the world. In terms of versatility and quality, there is little that can compare to Sesotec’s range of products. The company supplies systems from a single stop for all process steps, product types and kinds of conveyance, as well as for all critical checkpoints in the production process. Using various detection technologies, Sesotec’s metal detection systems and X-ray scanners can detect and automatically remove contaminants and products that do not meet strict quality standards. What is more, they do so efficiently and reliably. The machines are easy to operate and meet all requirements concerning traceability and the complete documentation of quality-related data.
  • Here at Sesotec, our speciality is contaminant detection on an industrial scale. We have been pursuing this focus for decades,” says Joachim Schulz, the CEO of Sesotec.

In the wake of the pandemic, Sesotec hosted its virtual trade show experience—entitled ‘Driving impact—safe food and saving food’—on its website from May 7, 2020, to enable customers to explore all the highlights they would have experienced at interpack, covering some of the most pressing challenges facing the food processing industry, from conserving resources to production efficiency and environmental protection. INTUITY THiNK is Sesotec’s first metal detection system with artificial intelligence. The innovative THiNK technology helps to avoid false rejects, ensure product quality and detection of foreign objects even in metallised packaging. Conventional metal detectors have limits, especially for food products that have a strong ‘product effect’, a certain intrinsic conductivity. Metallised packaging can also pose a problem.

The innovative THiNK software has a better ability to fade out these ‘interfering signals’ than with conventional metal detectors, meaning detection performance is significantly improved and there are fewer false rejections. Additionally, the technology makes it possible to examine products in metallised packaging with metal detectors. The question is are you fit for your next audit? Do topics such as HACCP, validation and verification present you with challenges? Sesotec’s experts are primed to advice on the compliance with food safety regulations.


Schönberg, Bayern

Joachim Schulz, CEO

With its intelligent solutions for foreign object detection, material sorting and analysis, Sesotec helps customers to ensure that sustainable and high-quality production is profitable for people, the environment and industry. With headquarters in Germany, Sesotec is represented by a total of 6 international subsidiaries in Singapore, China, USA, India, Canada and Thailand, as well as by over 60 partners in all of the world's most important markets

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