Incessant Innovation in Communication Tools is a Challenge
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Ron Lejcar, CIO, Ingredion Incorporated

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2014 Ensuring safe communication and collaboration in today’s world  where there are a multitude of communication tools to pick from is a challenge. So mobility and connectivity...

Effective Utilization of Technology for Competitive Advantage
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Geraldine Schlueter, CIO, Bob Evans

Big Data and Decision Making Manufacturing is the perfect candidate for Big Data analysis. Most manufacturing businesses have lots of shop-floor data. The challenge is what to do with it all—how to collect it, and crunch it, in order to...

Technology is the Key to Food Management
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With massive stocks of food being wasted, manufacturers in the food industry have landed on an alarming situation, which calls for innovations to take care of the damage done.  FREMONT, CA: In the food industry, digital technologies have...

Quantum Revolution Transforming the Future of Food and Beverage
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George Mew, Director, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group

The Food and Beverage sector had gone through two major transformations in human history. The First Agricultural Revolution kicked it off twelve thousand years ago. This transformed our human societies from hunting and gathering with almost 100%...

Food and Beverage's Big Data Surprise: Antitrust rules Still Apply
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Steve Safranski, Partner and Elizabeth Friedman, Ex - Associate, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P.

Big data seems poised to a make paradigm-shifting change to the food and beverage industry— and CPG as a whole. Big data gives business in this deeply consumer- connected space a whole new level of access and insight. Now, both manufacturers...

Big Data About to Metamorphose the Restaurant Industry
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FREMONT, CA: There has been an industry-wide shift to find means of improving the customer experience in the past few years. There is also a massive requirement for dining outlets and quick service restaurants (QSRs), to get on with a similar...

Supply Chain for AI, powered by AI
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FREMONT, CA: Supply chains have been an essential part of the physical goods world as companies invest a lot of capital on continuously optimizing and improving the supply chain. Five percent of transportation cost saving is a huge deal. As the...

Ensuring Food Safety with Big Data and IoT
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FREMONT, CA: Several ideas and applications to ensure the quality and safety of the food products by Big Data and IoT are mentioned below Tracing Shipment with IoT: Advanced IoT sensors, RFID, and bar-codes are produced to extract detailed...

Applying Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management
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Machine Learning (ML) is the solution for the supply chain realm as it gives a new life to machines. Each day, the system is gaining improved insights, which aids in increasing efficiency and revenue. With ML predicting the patterns and providing...

Transforming the Conventional Voting Process with Blockchain
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The blockchain plays an important role to provide transparency in a transaction, and the blockchain technology market continues to gain higher value. Statista has predicted that the blockchain technology market will enjoy a leap from $339.5...

The Importance of Data to Your Business
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Sergio Guerra, Technical Systems Manager, Aviagen

With modern technology playing an increasing role in the day-to-day management of farms, what can be learned from the huge volumes of data we generate as an industry? ‘Big Data’ is the buzzword of the IT and corporate worlds at the...

Big Data: The Catalyst Of Digital Transformation
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Mona Badie, CIO & CDO, GE Hitachi Nuclear Power

Big data is shifting the competitive landscape. Today’s capabilities to store and analyze vast amounts of data are creating untapped opportunities for productivity and growth. We have all seen this play out within the consumer sector and the...

Our Obsession with Optimizing the Food System, One Startup at a Time
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Brett Brohl, Managing Director, Techstars

When you think “food,” billion dollar startup exits probably aren’t top of mind. But, while many of us still cling to the idyllic image of the old-school family farm or a home grown consumer product, the reality is that food...

Seizing Technology Opportunities: A Recipe for Food and Beverage IT
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Patrick Dolan, National Managing Partner - Market Development & National Line of Business Leader, KPMG LLP

As the pace of technological change continues to rapidly accelerate, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of food and beverage manufacturers and retailers are facing intense pressure to prepare their organizations to drive growth, mitigate risk and...

Assuring a High Degree of Customer Satisfaction with Technology
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Sarah Naqvi, EVP and CIO, HMSHost Corporation

HMSHost is a leading restaurateur providing innovative dining services to travelers at airports and along motorways. As a subsidiary of Autogrill, an Italian food service company, HMSHost operates in 116 airports including 44 of the 50 busiest in...

The Qualicopter-Two Freedoms, Three Trends, and the Future of Quality. Are you ready?
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John Carter, Area Europe Quality Director, Ferrero

As a senior leader in the food industry, managing food safety and quality, I often tell people in our function that we have the best job in the world because we have two gifts: the freedom to move and the freedom to think. The first gift...
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