Effective Usage of Analytics and Business Intelligence
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Subho Nath, Assistant Director IT, CSM Bakery Products

In Bakery manufacturing service, we strive in operational excellence. To gain competitive advantage over our competitors, we are engaged in continuously improving business decisions and operations. We bet on short and long term strategy with a...

The Future of the Food Industry with Cobots
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Today, nine out of ten food manufacturing companies rely on AI and other technologies to improve food safety, reduce employee injuries, and increase efficiency. For the past few years, food manufacturing companies have been investing money in...

Mark Information: Optimizing Productivity through Valuable Insights
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Torkel Olrik, CEO & Partner

Offers workforce management solutions to help food and beverage companies find right balance in managing resources

Lascom: Offering Compliance Solutions to Overpower Globalization
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Jean-Christophe Calmejane, Executive Director

Provides software solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Specification Management, and compliance to the food and beverage industry
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