Effective Utilization of Technology for Competitive Advantage
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Geraldine Schlueter, CIO, Bob Evans

Big Data and Decision Making Manufacturing is the perfect candidate for Big Data analysis. Most manufacturing businesses have lots of shop-floor data. The challenge is what to do with it all—how to collect it, and crunch it, in order to...

How to prevent fraud in MPOS?
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The Mobile POS or mPOS is a combination of wireless devices connected to the internet, consisting of a payment card reader and a smartphone/tablet that enables merchants to accept payments through a card or mobile wallet. The mPOS can also be a...

Data Security for Food and Beverage Firms with Unique Software Defined Access Solution
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Many IT firms have been employing software defined access networks in order to survive in the cloud platform. The hybrid platform offers increased levels of security at times of critical workload. In recent times, companies like Amazon, Microsoft,...
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