It's Sunny Side Up in the Cloud for Eggs
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Bob Gilmore, Director-IT, Cal-Maine Foods

Cal-Maine Foods,  a producer and marketer of fresh shell eggs in the USA passed the milestone of marketing over one billion dozen eggs in one year for FY 2014. Two years ago, Cal-Maine, faced with an aging IT infrastructure made a bold...

How Automation will Boost the Food and Beverage Industry
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Similar to every other industry, it has become essential for the food and beverage industry also to invest in the right automation products. The automated products will bring efficiency among the employees and increase their productivity....

Quantum Revolution Transforming the Future of Food and Beverage
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George Mew, Director, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group

The Food and Beverage sector had gone through two major transformations in human history. The First Agricultural Revolution kicked it off twelve thousand years ago. This transformed our human societies from hunting and gathering with almost 100%...

Supply Chain for AI, powered by AI
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FREMONT, CA: Supply chains have been an essential part of the physical goods world as companies invest a lot of capital on continuously optimizing and improving the supply chain. Five percent of transportation cost saving is a huge deal. As the...

Cannabis Edibles Market Regulated by ERP Software
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FREMONT, CA: Manufacturers of cannabis edibles and infused beverages are choosing ERP software solutions to manage their businesses and establish greater accountability on the quality of their products by incorporating the FSMA best practices due...

8 Ways to Revamp F&B Industry
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FREMONT, CA: Eight technological trends that are essential for the food and beverage industry to maintain competition in a crowded market are: 1. Implementation of Modern ERP Solutions: Modern enterprise resource planning solutions have...

Blockchain: Game Changer for Supply Chain Management In Logistics
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FREMONT, CA: The increasing global complexity of supply chains management has forced organizations, which serve as the missing link between the people and their capacity for working together on a scales, to look at technology as their silver...

Effective Usage of Analytics and Business Intelligence
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Subho Nath, Assistant Director IT, CSM Bakery Products

In Bakery manufacturing service, we strive in operational excellence. To gain competitive advantage over our competitors, we are engaged in continuously improving business decisions and operations. We bet on short and long term strategy with a...

How can Supply Chain Management Benefit from Modern Technology Tools
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Supply chain industry needs a major revamp as the old and manual processes are holding back the business growth of companies. The digital transformation can provide the necessary impetus with technologies like cloud computing and advanced...

Innovative Tools to Improve Agriculture Efficiencies
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Bob Gilmore, Director IT, Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.

Information is Power. With so many software tools available for each segment of agriculture it is now possible to manage, track, analyze and make decisions based on a variety of metrics. For example, a farmer can track and manage a farm’s...

Connecting the Dots with Technology
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Ann Dozier, SVP, CIO, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

The Role of a CIO Today A CIO today is a business leader who understands how to leverage technology to drive business growth through differentiation and operational effectiveness. I view my primary role as operating as a trusted business...

Leveraging Technology to Drive Successful Business
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Scott Lane, CIO, Beaver Street Fisheries

 BSF had several challenges, all centered on inventory visibility. We introduced several new technology tools to complement our legacy ERP system. The goal was to use technology to provide visibility that did not exist. We gained a quick...

ESE: Delivering Success through Customer-Centric Approach
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Keith Fraleigh, President & CEO

A leading global food and beverage firm enabling clients to innovate, integrate and iterate products by leveraging information integration and analytics, process automation, and best-in-class support services

IQMS: A Recipe for Manufacturing Excellence
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Gary Nemmers, CEO

IQMS offers a comprehensive, industry-specific ERP and MES solution connecting every single aspect of a business, from human resources and financial management to warehouse control and quality assurance. In IQMS’ comprehensive solution, all the...

Mark Information: Optimizing Productivity through Valuable Insights
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Torkel Olrik, CEO & Partner

Offers workforce management solutions to help food and beverage companies find right balance in managing resources

Deacom, Inc.: Single-System ERP for Food and Beverages Industry
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Jay Deakins, Founder & President

A provider of a single, scalable solution that seamlessly links all departments within a manufacturing company, providing a comprehensive view of the entire operation.

Alchemy Systems: Mobile-enabled Tools to Ensure Food Safety
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Jeff Eastman, CEO

Provides innovative solutions to help food companies engage with their workforces to drive safety and productivity

Infor: Simple Comprehensive Tools to Enhance Operational Efficiencies
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John Flavin Executive Vice President, Manufacturing & Distribution Solutions

Offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, engineered for speed with an innovative user experience

Incentives Solutions: A Recipe for Sales Growth in the Food Industry
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Tal Frank, Co-CEO

Incentives Solutions enables enterprises to leverage their incentives budgets by optimizing the incentives and commissions pay process and accelerate employee performance

3 Key Principles of Recall Preparedness Every Manufacturer Should Know
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ERP is given a lot of importance in the food and beverage industry. What role does it play in recall prevention and preparedness? FREMONT, CA: It is expected from food and beverage manufacturers to quickly and effectively respond to the...
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