Quantum Revolution Transforming the Future of Food and Beverage
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George Mew, Director, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group

The Food and Beverage sector had gone through two major transformations in human history. The First Agricultural Revolution kicked it off twelve thousand years ago. This transformed our human societies from hunting and gathering with almost 100%...

Cooking Up a Storm in Food Supply Chain
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FREMONT, CA: The fresh produce supply chain has become the star of the food and beverage industry as the awareness among the consumers toward conscious eating habits has increased. The origin of the food, duration, conditions of shipping, and...

ML Solutions to Enhance Supply Chain Management
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FREMONT, CA: The algorithms and systems powered by Machine Learning (ML) are utilized to point out anomalies, note trends, and predict insights by processing massive data assets. ML has numerous applications and proves to be the ideal technology...

Applying Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management
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Machine Learning (ML) is the solution for the supply chain realm as it gives a new life to machines. Each day, the system is gaining improved insights, which aids in increasing efficiency and revenue. With ML predicting the patterns and providing...

Leveraging Technology and Automation to Keep our Customers Safe
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Carletta Ooton, Vice President, Health and Safety, Sustainability, Security & Compliance, Amazon

At Amazon, we strive to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online. As we grow our selection and business to delight our customers, we also encounter complexity as...

Disruption in the Food & Beverage Industry
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Andria Long, VP Innovation & Consumer Insights, Johnsonville Sausage

In today’s “VUCA world”–a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – anticipating what will be the next major disruption to your industry can seem difficult, if not impossible. And while some...

How Can Machine Learning Potentially Help Hotels?
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Machine learning technology is growing at a rapid speed, such that the hotel industry has embraced its services to give personalized services to customers. FREMONT, CA: Machine learning services allow hotel managers to deliver a better end-user...
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