Effective Utilization of Technology for Competitive Advantage
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Geraldine Schlueter, CIO, Bob Evans

Big Data and Decision Making Manufacturing is the perfect candidate for Big Data analysis. Most manufacturing businesses have lots of shop-floor data. The challenge is what to do with it all—how to collect it, and crunch it, in order to...

The Best of Retail POS System
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Retail POS data is much richer than only the raw sales numbers and the insights derived from the them are the company’s secret weapon for upholding a positive in-store trend and directly impacting the foundation. The benefits can become...

Looking into POS Systems
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FREMONT, CA: Point of Sale System (POS) is a combination of hardware and software that works together to process sales and payment transactions in retail outlets. POS can seamlessly carry out necessary cash registers functions like creating...

Making Sense Of Food Safety
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FREMONT, CA: Food safety regulations are progressively pressuring farmers to eliminate hedgerows, ponds and other natural habitats from farms to keep wildlife and livestock carrying pathogenic substances away. At the cost of biodiversity, this...

Cloud POS Pros show why it is chosen by so many businesses
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Technologies, and especially cloud computing, have made sweeping changes in people's way of living and working. It is swiftly morphing industries of all shapes and sizes and there is no exception to the world of quick-service restaurants. So...

Advancements in mPOS Technology are Driving Retail towards Efficiency
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Mobile technology is recognized as being the most rapidly adopted consumer technology in history. Its impact is revolutionary, generating a sea change in the way people work. The economic landscape also is impacted by mobile bringing a...

Five Essentials for Retail POS in 2019
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Point of Sale (POS) has become the heart of every establishment. From restaurants to the retail store, POS systems have solidified their place and have turned out to be a unique element in the sales process. If given the sheer volume of...

IRI and Technomic Come up with R2R Insights to Help Food Industry
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CHICAGO, IL: Information Resources Incorporated (IRI), a market research company which provides clients retail market intelligence and Technomic, a market researcher for food industry, are offering a new joint service called Restaurant to Retail...

Focal Point of Store Operations
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Today, the rapidly increasing number of restaurants, bars, and other service-based businesses rely completely on Point-of-Sale (POS) software to provide their customers with good service while actively encouraging the restaurant owner to obtain...

Disruption in the Food & Beverage Industry
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Andria Long, VP Innovation & Consumer Insights, Johnsonville Sausage

In today’s “VUCA world”–a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – anticipating what will be the next major disruption to your industry can seem difficult, if not impossible. And while some...

Transforming for Customer-Centric Retail
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Jason Goldberg, SVP Commerce & Content Practice, SapientRazorfish

I came to retail at a time when the landscape was dramatically changing. In the past, most retailers developed business models from the inside out, with the belief that success is primarily driven by the organization’s capabilities and...

Alchemy Systems: Mobile-enabled Tools to Ensure Food Safety
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Jeff Eastman, CEO

Provides innovative solutions to help food companies engage with their workforces to drive safety and productivity
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