4 Significant Problems Solved by AI in the Restaurant Business
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Artificial Intelligence acts as a technological aid by replacing human power and solving issues with its innovative applications to provide satisfying customer service. FREMONT, CA: According to Hospitality Technology’s 2019 Lodging...

How Mobile Applications have Benefitted the Restaurant Business
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In this extensive competition in the market, it is not possible for a single industry to survive without implementing proper technology. Similarly, in the food and beverage industry, it is equally essential, and restaurants are applying...

Technology In Restaurants, What Can You Afford and What Can You Not Afford to Miss?
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Steve Brooks, Director of Purchasing, IT, and Beverage Development, Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar

While my main role is purchasing at Tumbleweed, I also head up Information Technology and Beverage Development. The first half of my career was in operations. I think this gives me a unique perspective on restaurant technology. Many...

Digital Loyalty? Yes, You Heard it Right!
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Summary: Dining is an extremely personal affair and loyal customers in this digital era have extensive scope to build a different fan base for their favorite restaurants. Ultimately, the services and feedbacks reflect the company brand as well as...

Extending Benefits of POS System in Restaurants
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FREMONT, CA: With the advancements in the Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, the speed and versatility of the retail and restaurant industry has increased manifold. The net result of this is higher sales and faster ROI. Some of the many benefits...

Effective Usage of Analytics and Business Intelligence
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Subho Nath, Assistant Director IT, CSM Bakery Products

In Bakery manufacturing service, we strive in operational excellence. To gain competitive advantage over our competitors, we are engaged in continuously improving business decisions and operations. We bet on short and long term strategy with a...

Five Essentials for Retail POS in 2019
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Point of Sale (POS) has become the heart of every establishment. From restaurants to the retail store, POS systems have solidified their place and have turned out to be a unique element in the sales process. If given the sheer volume of...

Optimizing Your Marketing Dollars in the Food and Beverage Industry
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Mark Fullerton, CEO, OnTrak Software, Cincinnati, Ohio

For many years I have been watching the marketing efforts carried out by consumer package goods (CPG) companies. No matter how you look at it, CPG marketing is very big business–especially for food and beverage companies. The problem, as...

Technology - The ROI driver for Food and Beverages Industry
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Carlos Amesquita, CIO, Hershey Company

Tapping Technology for Effective Business Strategy My role fundamentally is to translate business strategy into IT strategy. Technology can be a competitive advantage, but only if properly used in the context of a business...

SpecPage: Redefining Recipe-based Manufacturing
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Severin Weiss, CEO

SpecPage is a global leader in innovative, enhanced digital solutions in the food and beverage industry. The company has set a benchmark as the only product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) process solution vendor...

eTouchMenu: Digital Menu Solutions for Hospitality
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Jon C. Wolfe, CEO

eTouchMenu offers premium digital menu technology to a variety of hospitality industries in order to raise customer service standards and increase ROI. As a renowned restaurant management solutions provider, eTouchMenu transforms traditional paper...

MarginEdge: Comprehensive Digital Empowerment
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Bo Davis, Co-Founder & CEO

MarginEdge has developed food and beverage tracking and analytics software for restaurants. Its software offers solutions for invoice management, recipe and product pricing, and optimized food costs. They integrate their offering with their...

OpsAnalitica: A Smart Approach to Managing Restaurants
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Tommy Yionoulis, Managing Director

Enables its clients to mitigate risk as it relates to food safety and provide a great guest experiences every visit

SafetyChain Software: Disruptive Technology for the Food & Beverage Industry
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Barry Maxon, President

Provides cloud-based solutions to automate and improve food safety and quality in the supply chain

Cirrus Tech, Inc.: Augmenting Warehouse Capacity
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Darrell Dunham, President

Provides software, automation and capacity augmentation solutions for warehouses

Sensory Analytics: Innovation Meets Quality Assurance and Process Control
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Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager for SpecMetrix Systems

An award-winning line of coating thickness and film layer measurement systems addressing the need for quantifiable process and operational data in real-time and cost-effective fashion

BayPOS: Shaping a Better Future for Restaurants
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Masahiro Arai, CEO

BayPOS is a joint venture company between Plenus and SIOS, which was established in June 2015. BayPOS software was first released in California in March 2016, and it’s globally deployed in over 65locations. BayPOS software was initially...
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