Can CBD Water Be a Miracle Medicine for Humans?
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In recent years, CBD’s demand is widely increasing because of its non-intoxicating way of supporting the mind and the body. How is its new breed, i.e., CBD water going to affect the human body?  FREMONT, CA: Cannabidiol (CBD) is...

How Food Startups Leverage Technology to Compete Against the Giants
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Gautam Gupta, Founder & CEO, NatureBox

Everything about the way we eat is changing.  No time to make dinner? A few swipes within an app and 20 minutes later, you’ll receive a professionally-cooked, piping-hot meal delivered to your home. Need a restaurant recommendation?...

Our Obsession with Optimizing the Food System, One Startup at a Time
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Brett Brohl, Managing Director, Techstars

When you think “food,” billion dollar startup exits probably aren’t top of mind. But, while many of us still cling to the idyllic image of the old-school family farm or a home grown consumer product, the reality is that food...
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