Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Feature of the Week

For quite some time, the war for dominance between processed and whole foods has been waging.  Read more
The food processing sector converts raw food grains, fruits, vegetables, or dairy products into long-lasting goods.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Boris Baňas, Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer,   
CBDepot, with roots dating to 2014, has been a leader in helping to establish legal and quality standards for cannabinoid ingredients and the formulation of cannabidiol derivatives that have a fast-growing presence in sectors including food,...  Read more
By Christoph Markmann, Sales DirectorSven Wildfoerster and Ulrich Niesse, MD,   
DEVEX offers an all-in-one, turnkey equipment to streamline and optimize cannabis biomass processing to extract pure crude oil. As a global leader in bioextraction technology, DEVEX offers a proprietary cryogenic ethanol extraction...  Read more

Industry Contributors

By Mike Wargocki, Senior Vice President Operations, Sunbasket  
The Food industry has an interesting challenge in front of it today  Read more
It seems like yesterday, whether rain or shine, field and plant personnel were hovering over clipboards studiously recording locations  Read more
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