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Matthew Wegener, President, AgilysysMatthew Wegener, President
Nestled amid the scenic mountains and lakes from the British Columbia to Maine, the Boyne Resorts serve as favorite destinations for vacationers seeking lakeside views and ski routes. As an organization built around mountain recreation, golf, spa, and waterpark, etc., Boyne Resorts believes in seamless consumer engagement and satisfaction.

Even when the pandemic hit, Boyne Resorts was quick to pivot its customer interaction strategies to ensure optimal health and safety precautions. The organization revamped its guest service infrastructure with a robust ecosystem of modern POS solutions designed to optimize the hospitality operations while promoting social distancing through contactless self-service options.

The new solutions allowed guests to place food and beverage orders from anywhere using their own devices (phone, tablet, laptop), initiate quick payments, and collect their orders at pick-up counters within the resort, thus enjoying a contactless dining experience. As a result, Boyne Resorts was not only able to sail past the headwinds of the pandemic but also enhance guest safety, customer service, and revenue opportunities.

The architect behind this quick and seamless transformation was Agilysys [NASDAQ: AGYS]—a leading provider of next-generation cloud-native SaaS and on-premise hospitality software solutions and services.

Agilysys possesses over four decades of experience in the hospitality software industry. The company’s zeal for innovation is opening new business opportunities for hospitality sector to unlock the full potential of advanced technologies. With Agilysys’ unparalleled track record of reliability, organizations can count on being backed by the best hospitality partner in the industry. Whether is the clients are operating from a single location or multiple profit centers spread out across several regions, Agilysys’ food service management software is helping them modernize their operations—from web-based and kiosk ordering to cashless payments and secure credit card processing.

Delivering the Omni-Channel Experience
Today, hospitality is all about ensuring the convenience of consumers. It starts right from the booking stage to their departure. A true omni-channel approach should ensure technology-agnostic guest experience and meet the needs of the largest demographic. The more flexible an organization is in its methods of meeting the requirements of its customers, the more likely they are to get second-time visitors.

This is where Agilysys makes its mark by introducing the latest solutions that can help hospitality clients reinvent and realign their customer engagement practices while boosting their bottom line. Namely, the company’s lodging management system (LMS) is providing the same for hospitality organizations. With a modern and mobile way of managing their properties with industry-acclaimed features and functionalities, the system provides clients with plenty of upselling opportunities as guests are allowed to choose various package components when making reservations. It will also display patron card levels, tiers, and other classifications to identify status of the guests and ensure their engagement.
  • The end-to-end food service management solutions of Agilysys are designed for optimum productivity and profitability

The crown jewel in the Agilysys portfolio, however, is the Visual One—a bespoke solution for hotel and resort management. The unique property management system (PMS) automates the management operations. It operates 24/7, providing a myriad of opportunities for clients to upgrade their guest experiences. Its wide range of features and functionalities include front office operations, housekeeping scheduling, reservations management, digital room keys tracking, and much more. Moreover, Visual One’s sales and catering system leverages the PMS database to deliver real-time information between the front office and sales teams. It also ensures a centralized system for guest histories tracking, multi-property reporting, travel agent management, and back-office accounting.

Notably, the inbuilt security functionality of Visual One comprises a PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), ensuring optimal safeguard during every credit card transaction. Besides, the Visual One interfaces with internet distribution systems (IDS), online travel agents (OTA), and global distribution systems (GDS), opening up the property for more marketing channels and increasing brand exposure.

Agilysys also features the Stay PMS, a cloud-based and intuitive solution that allows clients to connect with guests on a more personal level, taking their experiences from mediocre to memorable. Stay conveniently interfaces with other online tools provided by Agilysys, facilitating ease of use and streamline processes. The solution enables clients to monitor housekeeping stats and check-in on guests from anywhere, even from outside the properties. But more importantly, the solution is designed for rapid ROI. Clients can expect quicker returns on their investments with less technology overheads.

Providing the Key to Lasting Guest Engagement

Backed by such robust capabilities, Agilysys is reinvigorating innovation in the hospitality sector. Moving ahead, the company will continue investing in innovation and augmenting its technology offerings to serve a broader market segment of the industry. The company will make rapid progress in providing end-to-end cloud-native, SaaS, on-prem ready, hospitality solutions. With its food service management solutions being leveraged by organizations across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and India, the company is all set to become the global one-stop-shop hospitality solution provider


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Matthew Wegener, President

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