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Brett Danielson, Co-Founder, BarTrackBrett Danielson, Co-Founder
Since ancient times, people have been making and drinking beer across the world. The process itself, even today, remains largely unchanged. Not surprisingly, throughout the course of time, the same goals have remained constant for those who make and enjoy beer—deliver a quality beer that tastes great. In just the US, this 200-year-old industry has grown leaps, especially over the last few decades, and every part of that growth, in one way or another, is tied to quality and branding.

Beer is still the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, but questions about it often go unspoken. BarTrack co-founder and President, Brett Danielson, asked this simple question: “Have you ever noticed the same beer that is poured by the same bartender, at the same place can taste differently?” As a beer geek, Danielson realized one of the many differences in taste and appearance of beer was that one came with a head, and the other often arrived without. He says that is where intrigue triggered some interest, which quickly led to more questions about the industry. What soon became clear was not only the issue of inconsistency surrounding taste and quality, but facts and comments by industry experts that estimated over 20 percent of the profits from a keg of draft beer are lost to spillage and pilferage.

Beer shrinkage has long been a chronic, largely un-measurable issue in the draft beer industry. This includes spilling, over-pouring, foam formation, and employee theft, which can result in establishments pouring tens of thousands in annual profits right down the drain. Overall, even well run bars work hard to control expenses, but until now, managers have struggled to make beer as profitable as other beverages, because of constant guessing about inventory, quality, and accountability. After detailed market research and talking to thousands of people across the entire beer supply and delivery chain, one thing became evident early—the BarTrack platform they were developing would solve more than just inconsistencies in taste.
Danielson and the other co-founders of BarTrack attribute tremendous value to the people that inspired and enhanced the new and innovative system they have built. Danielson said, “Candidly, their input sparked the birth of a new business, and we feel lucky to find ourselves doing something we love with an industry and people we really like.”

It took more than two years of designing, testing, and manufacturing, and the result was BarTrack designed a proprietary sensor that measures over a dozen beverage-specific variables, which enables a holistic approach to mitigating waste. The BarTrack system ensures draft beer quality, eliminates bartender theft by connecting to the POS system, streamlines the day-to-day inventory process, and gathers actionable analytics. Together, the sensor and user management platform help standardize draft beer quality, which optimizes beer delivery and the overall quality of service that patrons enjoy. This allows establishments to substantially increase their profits by mitigating theft and reducing foamy beers, all while reducing valuable time spent managing their draft beverage program.
  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure—and in the beer industry, that includes improving the quality and taste of each pour

Today, collecting and analyzing data in new ways is a key economic input and a vital resource for businesses. BarTrack is transforming the draft beer industry by introducing a plug-and-play technology that enables a whole new glimpse into beer and how it is served. The BarTrack team is focused on measuring, optimizing, and reinventing the way establishments manage and deliver beer through draught systems. That includes monitoring the quality, characteristics, and quantity of product that flows through each line, and even line cleaning and maintenance.

Beyond the practical benefits of their systems, the platform allows bar managers and owners to queue and display inventory, optimize re-ordering patterns, and utilize metadata to improve the efficiency of other day-to-day operations. BarTrack has been garnering huge traction due to the customer-centric approach that accompanies their revolutionary product. BarTrack has received thousands of orders of its Inventory Management System from some of the biggest restaurant groups, breweries, and chains, which has poised them to make a big splash in the draught beer market in 2020. “Our expert team has over 100 years of combined experience in owning and operating restaurants and bars, bartending, brewing, engineering, and software development. These assets allow us to offer our customers the very best quality products and services," says Grant Hobar. "Our journey has been a collective and group effort that has helped us realize our goals of making our customers more profitable and bar patrons satisfied,” concludes Danielson.


Sterling, VA

Brett Danielson, Co-Founder and Hunter Markle, Co-Founder and Grant Hobar, Co-Founder

BarTrack has developed a patent-pending beverage sensor that will revolutionize the industry and help establishments take a holistic approach to tackling the beer waste and taste problems. The company offers smart draft equipment and technology for the beverage industry. Gone are the days of weighing kegs or using simple flow meters which in most cause or exacerbate these issues. BarTrack products help to standardize the draft beer quality by maximizing bar’s efficiency, realizing lost revenue, and improving the quality of service. At BarTrack, we understand beer quality is measured by a complex set of important sensory characteristics. Taste, aroma, appearance and texture are all indicators of beer quality that build a sensory profile specific to each brand. This is precisely what beer consumers have come to enjoy and expect from makers. The ability to maintain, preserve and deliver consistent quality builds brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Understanding how a beer sensory profile can deteriorate, is critical to delivering a consistently perfect beer. BarTrack understands the reputation and success of the brewers, along with restaurant and bar owners, relies on the ability to consistently deliver a great product that satisfies the consumer

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