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Masahiro Arai, CEO, BayPOSMasahiro Arai, CEO
The success of any restaurant depends on its ambience, the quality of food, the consistency of service, and its efficiency. However, in most of the restaurants, consumers typically have to wait in queues to get a table and rely on a waiter to order the food and pay the bill. This consumes a lot of time and negatively impacts the customer experience. On the other hand, restaurateurs are under immense pressure to strike a balance between maintaining consistent quality of services and ensuring higher revenue. At this backdrop, transforming the shape of a restaurant by increasing their business efficiency and customer satisfaction is BayPOS.

A promising restaurant solution provider, BayPOS is at the forefront of offering state-of-the-art and highly advanced restaurant operations support system that helps restaurants to enhance their staff and customer experience by simplifying ordering, food preparation, payment, and improving operational efficiency while driving ROI and building brand loyalty.

BayPOS is a joint venture company between Plenus and SIOS, which was established in June 2015. BayPOS software was first released in California in March 2016, and it’s globally deployed in over 65 locations. BayPOS software was initially developed for YAYOI restaurants; after that, Plenus provided restaurant business knowledge & deployment location, alongside SIOS providing the software development knowledge.

Talking about the challenges that restaurants experience in their day to day business, Masahiro Arai, CEO of BayPOS, states, “As it is practically not possible to keep a dedicated waiter for each table, we bridge the gap between the restaurant and their customers without sacrificing the experience. Our client purchases the iPads for their restaurant, and then we install our cutting-edge software on the iPad. Once the installation process is completed, the iPads are placed in front of the customers to select the menu and know the status of their order as the chef starts working on it. Similarly, it also reduces the labor cost for the restaurants as the need to keep a waiter at each table is replaced by an iPad.”

BayPOS engages with its clients to get a clear picture of the menu structure. After that, the technical support and service team works very closely with the customers to correct the menu data, product data, and which chef is working on what items to make the ordering process more accessible. Once things get almost settled, the technical guys visit the customer for completing the installing process of the software on the iPad.

The software offered by the company majorly includes the following; Table Order Tablets–It’s easy to navigate and also suggests additional menu items for increased sales volume. Kitchen Display – Each display shows an order related to the dedicated table, and the food preparation status is shared among the entire kitchen crew. Staff-App for Hall Staff and Cashier - for visual control over each table; waiters do not have to approach the table every now and then as customized text will be sent out to them as and when required. Moreover, the payment style is also flexible with a credit card facility. As restaurants always have new employees, this is the ideal software for them because the new staff doesn’t need to learn exceptional cases on day one, as the training session gets completed in five to ten minutes. It also reduces order error for the kitchen staff and minimizes the tasks of the waiter.

The efficiency of BayPOS software can be well-demonstrated by citing a case scenario, where they helped Yuzu Ramen, a California based restaurant. Previously, the restaurant used to take 40+ minutes to complete a particular order, but after the successful implementation of BayPOS software within the restaurant, the maximum completion time reduced to 13 minutes. It also improved the turnover rate for Yuzu Ramen during peak hours, reduced labor costs, and also reduced the number of complaints from the customers.

The future of the company looks very promising as they try to spread their wings across the United States that has less prominence of this technology. The labor cost in the United States is much higher compared to Asia, and the introduction of BayPOS software will be a boon to the US market. “Our strength is the productivity through simplified structure. The next challenge for us is to simplify the deployment process of the system to new clients so we will be able to accelerate our business in much higher pace,” asserts Arai.


San Mateo, CA

Masahiro Arai, CEO

BayPOS, Inc. specializes in creating software solution to streamline restaurant operation. Typical restaurants depend heavily on manual labor and especially with kitchen operations they tend to go out of control when under stress. BayPOS created efficient queue management system that are displayed in kitchen tablets to minimize chaos in kitchen.

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