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Eileen Bewley, President, BevcorpEileen Bewley, President
Bevcorp is a comprehensive provider of blending, filling, seaming, and container handling equipment for CPG food and beverage companies. Bevcorp produces quality production equipment and replacement parts while partnering with customers to deliver outstanding service and technical support. Bevcorp has a proud history of engineering unique solutions to increase manufacturing productivity and is committed to helping customers keep their production lines in motion!

With 30 years of innovation, service, and technical support expertise, Bevcorp is proficient at quickly assessing customer needs and providing unparalleled solutions. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and capabilities, Bevcorp is able to design, manufacture, and ship parts in as little as one day – keeping customer lines running! Bevcorp’s customer-first focus and flexibility sets them apart in the industry.

Bevcorp’s energy-efficient, patented blending technology connects to its high-speed filling equipment, driving productivity efficiency gains for both lines. The company ensures a smooth interface between its blender and filler equipment, enabling customers to run their lines faster and warmer without foaming.

Every CPG packaging change, driven by design innovation, consumer demand shifts, or new product introductions creates new manufacturing challenges. CPG production lines need to accommodate a wider variety of containers and develop quick-change solutions as production quickly shifts between product packaging. Bevcorp partners with manufacturers to continually design and develop innovative quick-change solutions that deliver increased line productivity. Recent quick-change innovations have reduced changeover time by 50 percent!
“As a service-oriented company, the passion to serve is in our DNA. The founders have passed on their passion to serve customers to the next generation,” says Eileen Bewley, President, Bevcorp.

Bevcorp offers customized predictive maintenance programs and service packages for its blending, filling, seaming, and handling product lines to ensure production lines run at peak efficiency with minimal downtime. Avoiding critical breakdowns and unforeseen costly repairs is the top priority for the team.

Bevcorp engineers are skilled at evaluating customer lines to identify opportunities for improvement in the blending, filling, seaming and container handling process. They can recommend modifications, upgrades and even modernize equipment to boost production capacities, enhance operating procedures and improve overall efficiencies. 60+ field service technicians, located throughout the U.S., are adept at equipment installations, complete audits, troubleshooting, repairs, electrical programming, and equipment overhauls. Bevcorp also partners with industry specialists to offer turnkey solutions.

Bevcorp’s quality analysis and inspection services play a crucial role in supporting customers. For example, when companies experienced packaging supply chain issues during the pandemic, they began importing cans internationally. Bevcorp’s quality team worked with customers to validate can/ packaging quality prior to production. The company’s experts are always available 24/7 for technical phone support.
  • As a service-oriented company, the passion to serve is in our DNA. The founders have passed on this passion to serve clients for generations to come

Bevcorp places great emphasis on the importance of training. Its Bevcorp University offering provides an opportunity for CPG company employees to receive hands-on, customized training tailored specifically to meet individual production plant needs. As experienced CPG staff retire and new personnel come on board, efficiently training and preparing the next generation of skilled operators and technicians on highly sophisticated equipment is critical to success.

Bevcorp continues a strong legacy of growth, adding new services, capabilities, upgrades and products through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Combined with rapid organic growth, the organization is poised to deliver complete end-to-end CPG food and beverage production solutions.

The company services its customers from multiple facilities near Cleveland Ohio, Baltimore Maryland, Atlanta Georgia and Dallas Texas.


Eastlake, OH

Eileen Bewley, President

Bevcorp is a full-service provider of CPG beverage and food packaging equipment and parts. Bevcorp delivers best-in-class service to help customers keep their production lines in motion!

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