Blue Simplific: Creating a More Vibrant Future for Restaurants

Gail Mendez, CEO, Blue SimplificGail Mendez, CEO
Ambiance, food quality, consistency of service, and efficiency all play critical roles in a restaurant's success. However, in most restaurants, patrons must queue for a table and rely on a waiter to place their order and pay the bill. This is inefficient and has a detrimental effect on the customer experience. On the other hand, restaurateurs face tremendous pressure to balance consistent service quality and revenue growth. Blue Simplific's mission, against this backdrop, is to transform a restaurant by increasing its business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As an innovative startup, Blue Simplific is at the forefront of offering state-of-the-art and highly advanced restaurant operations support systems that enable restaurants to improve their staff and customer experience by simplifying the front-end operations and back-end functions.

Gail Mendez, CEO of Blue Simplific, describes the difficulties restaurants face daily, "Because it is practically impossible to maintain a dedicated waiter for each table, we bridge the gap between the restaurant and its customers without sacrificing the experience. Our client acquires the iPads for their restaurant, and we then install our cutting-edge software on them.
Once the installation is complete, the iPads are placed in front of the customers, allowing them to choose from the menu and track the status of their order as the chef begins work on it. Similarly, it lowers restaurant labor costs by eliminating the need for wait staff at each table."

Blue Simplific consults with clients to understand the menu structure thoroughly. Following that, the technical support and service team works closely with customers to update menu information and product information, including introductory data regarding the chef that is preparing the items. Once everything is in order, the technicians will visit the client sitesto complete the software installation process on the iPad.

The company's software primarily combines simplicity with intuitive displays to propose new items to customers and enhance sales. Kitchen Display, on the other hand, indicates an order associated with a specific table and shares the status of food preparation with the entire kitchen crew. It facilitates visual view of each table; so waiters no longer need to approach the table regularly, as they will notified by the software when needed. Additionally, the payment method is versatile due to its credit card facility. As restaurants are constantly hiring new employees, this is the best program because new employees do not need to learn about extraordinary cases on day one because the training session lasts only five to ten minutes. Additionally, it lowers order errors for kitchen workers and waiters' jobs.
  • Our strength is obtained from our ability to maximize productivity through a streamlined structure

The company's future appears bright as they attempt to expand its wings across the U.S., where this technology is less prevalent. Since labor costs are much higher in the U.S. than in Asia, the introduction of Blue Simplific software will benefit the market significantly. "Our strength is obtained from our ability to maximize productivity through a streamlined structure. The next step for us is to simplify the system's deployment process for new clients, allowing us to scale our business faster," Mendez asserts .

Blue Simplific


Gail Mendez, CEO

Blue Simplific, Inc. is a software development company that specializes on streamlining restaurant operations

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