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Gil Bundy, CEO, Bundy Baking SolutionsGil Bundy, CEO
The supply chain issues and labour shortages coupled with higher demand for products during the pandemic have created an unprecedented interest in automation in the baking industry. Automation comes in many forms; most people associate automation with equipment to decrease the amount of labour required to manufacture products. However, automation can also take the form of services that reduce downtime, minimize scrap, and improve overall efficiency. That’s where Bundy Baking Solutions can help. The company combines innovative technology, trusted relationships, and deep knowledge and passion for the baking industry to lead clients toward success.

Operating as a family-owned company, Bundy Baking Solutions has been serving the baking industry for more than five decades. They address automation by understanding the bakeries they work with at a very detailed level. Pans are the carriers of all products, and the product is on the company’s pans for the majority of the bakery cycle. For example, bread dough is deposited in Bundy Baking Solutions’ pans, proofed, baked, cooled, and removed just in time for the pans to go back around and have fresh dough deposited in them. If the company’s pans do not run smoothly with the equipment on the production line, it can cause line stoppages and inefficient operations. “We have specific features that strengthen the pan to be able to withstand automated pan handling equipment like depanners and pan stackers,” says Gil Bundy, the CEO of Bundy Baking Solutions.
In addition, the company offers various pan coatings to ensure that the bakery is getting the right coating for their products and production process.

One thing that has been made quite apparent throughout the pandemic is how essential Bundy Baking Solutions’ products and services are to bakeries because the baked goods that they produce are responsible for feeding individuals around the globe. The company takes its role in the “food chain” very seriously. By providing a teamwork approach to product design and selection, they create a level of trust with our customers. “We are not just there to make a sale and walk away. We are in it from the first bake on our pans to the last,” states Gil. For instance, one of Bundy Baking Solutions’ largest customers replaced their existing release agent and applicator with its Synova brand products and used 42 percent less oil. The company’s team collaborated with them on the release agent selection, installing the oil applicator, and monitoring use to ensure optimal results.
  • We have specific features that strengthen the pan to be able to withstand automated pan handling equipment like depanners and pan stackers

What separates Bundy Baking Solutions from its competitors is the relationship they have with the bakery by providing them with solutions that bring maximum value. To achieve this, the company added released agents and a precision applicator to its product catalogue, a few years ago. This meant that they could team with the bakery to monitor and manage the complete cycle of pan release performance. From the time dough hits Bundy Baking Solutions’ pan to the time it leaves, they can help balance the amount of oil versus the right time to clean and recoat pans. Ultimately, this automated service reduced oil usage, maximized clean releases, and extended the life of baking pans. Bundy Baking Solutions’ passion for the industry is evident through The Bundy Baking Museum, a large collection of baking industryrelated memorabilia that was gathered by its founder, Russell T. Bundy. The company is always looking for opportunities to get closer to our customers, and that includes geographically. “We have expanded in Europe over the last several years, which is a big market with a lot of opportunity for our products and services,” concludes Gil.

Bundy Baking Solutions

Urbana, OH

Gil Bundy, CEO

Bundy Baking Solutions represents the world’s best providers of baking equipment, custom and stock baking pans, and pan coatings.

Bundy Baking Solutions
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