Checkit: Optimizing Food Business Operations

A decade ago, digitization in the food and beverage industry seemed farfetched. Every operation was infused with a lot of paperwork, resulting in a lack of transparency and confusion. Restaurants and hospitality enterprises needed a solution to manage all the critical aspects to ensure they delivered quality service to their customers. Realizing the complexity of the situation, Checkit, a cloud-based real-time operations management company, developed a solution that simplifies the entire process through digitization.

“Checkit enhances the ability to manage employees and monitoring critical aspects of the food and beverage industry according to the regulations and compliance,” said German Casillas, VP of Americas at Checkit.

It simplifies the task of restaurants with outlets in multiple locations to manage their workforce and check for any irregularities in real time. The cloud-based platform allows all employees to login to the platform with a unique four-digit pin and works according to Checkit’s allotted checklists to each executive. In the case that any aspect of the enterprise fails to meet regulations; for example, if a refrigerator is open for too long or its temperature is not meeting the food and safety compliance and regulations, the sensors will detect and notify the executives to make necessary corrections in real time.

The platform accelerates the daily activities of restaurants, hotels, and food manufacturers by digitizing the paperwork, checklists, and centralizing the data in the cloud. During a health inspection, the restaurant can provide a comprehensive report comprising details of sales, compliance-related data, and even details of a particular customer. This detailed report allows health inspectors to verify all critical aspects of a restaurant without going through several files. The company understands that every restaurant and hotel has a unique work methodology.
So before Checkit starts working with their client to deliver a customized solution, it understands the requirements by interviewing them. The firm then creates multiple checklists based on the client’s requirements to provide real-time visibility, managerial assistance, and an analysis tool to ensure all aspects are meeting the country’s food and safety regulations through an app, software platform, and sensor/hardware probes for monitoring. Checkit’s platform notifies individual employees to complete specific tasks along with a detailed description and instructions. Checkit completes the onboarding process in between 24 to 72 hours and delivers a solution based on the client’s unique business process to simplify their tedious tasks and make them compliance friendly.
  • Checkit enhances the ability to manage employees and monitoring critical aspects of the food and beverage industry according to the regulations and compliance

To elaborate on the expertise of Checkit, Casillas recalls working with a restaurant named Cucina Sano. The restaurant wanted a solution to make sure that they were able to meet the regulations of the critical control points across their entire property, like food storage temperatures that needed to be maintained precisely at certain temperatures as per the national legislation. Checkit created a customized, reliable, and cost-effective analyzing solution that monitored if anything fell out of those critical metrics or temperature regulations. With Checkit, the restaurant found it easier to educate and train new employees. The restaurant was able to assign tasks and provide on-the-job training to its employees through the checklist system. Another factor that makes Checkit unique in the market is that their services are all-encompassing. Apart from delivering a customized solution, Checkit also enables the client to benefit from the app, hardware, software, and probe while allowing the customer to pay for one service on a market basis.

With the ongoing growth of technology and new issues that customers face, Checkit is continuously coming up with latest solutions to improve different facets of the food industry as well as to manage and further simplify most of their operations.
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