Corenco: Custom-Engineered for Delivering Success

Chris Cory, President & CEO, CorencoChris Cory, President & CEO
Finding a balance between supply and demand in a manner that is sustainable and which ensures long-term business success is one of the most pressing challenges for companies in the food and beverage industry. As a result of the sharp economic and cultural convergence among different countries, food production and processing are always in a state of flux around the globe. From how food is designed to how it is consumed, the realm of food processing has witnessed significant changes in technologies, procedures, and practices in the last four decades. However, in this ever-changing landscape, there’s been one constant—the reliable, durable, simple-to-use and sustainable offerings from “Cory Engineering Company” or Corenco—a recognized name in the design, manufacture, and sale of industrial shredders and grinders.

Drawing on an extensive engineering background and rich experience of working with several food equipment manufacturers, Chuck Cory, the man behind Corenco, set out to change the game forever in the processing world. His journey started by introducing standalone equipment—M15 for apple juice and an M6 for soybean processing—in 1980 for extraction technology, developed to meet the specific requirements of the clients. Taking the legacy forward, Chuck’s son Chris Cory and his team added an extra dimension to his offerings to fit the underserved market niches that are left scrambling by cookie-cutter manufacturers who focus on building their lines without any deviations or changes. Today, with Chris at the helm, Corenco specializes in size reduction equipment, which is custom engineered to optimize clients’ manufacturing processes and applications. “In a marketplace that continues to grow and diversify, as the demand for flexibility increases, so does the need for flexible equipment. The century-old design of equipment needs to evolve for enabling flexible manufacturing that can adapt to the rapidly-changing customer demands. This is precisely what we strive to do,” begins Chris Cory, president, and CEO, Corenco.

Committed to producing the highest quality industrial size reduction equipment, Corenco offers a wide range of screen and rotor combinations for their angle, screw-fed, pump-fed disintegrators, crushers, and shredders. These custom-engineered products deliver high value for businesses that require industrial food grinders and other size reduction equipment for chopping, grinding, pulverizing, or pureeing food to make products. Corenco’s industrial food processors have been instrumental in assisting clients to find the ideal particle size to maximize yield and get the most out of their process.
Neil Gorsuch, Director of Market Development, CorencoNeil Gorsuch, Director of Market Development
At the core, Corenco emphasizes creating user-friendly equipment that allows maintenance and cleaning staff to access and maintain the pieces of the equipment and also understand its functions. “We believe in offering true solutions to our customers. In doing so, we understand their processing challenges, leverage our 42 years of experience in the business to manufacture solutions that work for them. As a problem-solving company, we look at engagement with our clients as partnerships, helping them increase their output and boost business growth,” explains Neil Gorsuch, director of market development, Corenco.

Corenco primarily caters to the needs of food processing manufacturers, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, enabling them to perform several functions with one piece of equipment. “Our products are gaining momentum in the field of box meals, where companies utilize our products to shred and granulate food materials for preparing different sauces. We are helping these companies to offer a variety of cuisines to fulfill their customer demands,” asserts Gorsuch. To elucidate further, Chris cites a case scenario where one of the clients in the juice industry spent a quarter to a half a million dollars developing a piece of equipment that fell far short of their processing requirements. Corenco identified the issue with the membrane of the press that was getting plugged due to pines of the apple, and worked on producing a coarser grind. The team developed a technology that shreds fruits finely into discrete particle sizes, which led to significantly higher yields. “With such significant yield improvement, our equipment pays for itself and delivers a rapid return on investment,” says Gorsuch.
  • We understand their processing challenges and leverage our 42 years of experience in the business to manufacture solutions that work best for them

Machines that are built to last

The uniqueness of Corenco stems from its quality of equipment and custom engineering; the company has developed machines that are built to last. The equipment is manufactured like a Tank but of food-grade stainless steel. Of the first five machines ever sold in the early 1980s, three are still in daily production today. Some of these products have been supplemented with new motors, screens, and rotors, but the underlying machine continues to work and perform seamlessly. “My father used to say that most of these machines will outlive him. As it turns out, he has been quite right. Today, even I am compelled to believe that a lot of these machines are going to outlive me. That was precisely my father’s aim; he wanted to create something indestructible,” says Chris.

As a company that is continually sweeping up new and novel applications into its portfolio of customers and products, Corenco has no plans of slowing down. They continue to be a customer-driven firm, serving different product lines instead of catering to just a few industries. One of the next significant steps is to integrate pumping with its feeding equipment and feature control panels that manage both the grinder and the pump. “As new products and applications are pioneered and tested, Corenco works with potential and current customers to build and modify our machine to best fit their needs,” concludes Gorsuch.
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