CPM Wolverine Proctor: Pioneers of Advanced Machinery in the Food Processing Industry

Dale Newton, General Manager, CPM Wolverine ProctorDale Newton, General Manager
It is most certainly an understatement to say that the world is not what it was a few decades back; so much so that there is a paradigm-shift even in eating habits. “Today’s kids don’t have the same taste that their parents did for processed foods, nor do the parents allow their kids to eat breakfast with such high-sugar content,” says Dale Newton, general manager at CPM Wolverine Proctor. To that end, organizations in the food manufacturing space are seeking large, data-centric, and automated machines that are capable of multi-tasking, as a way of curtailing labor costs and increasing efficiency with an emphasis on the standards for sanitation, inspection, and compliance.

CPM Wolverine Proctor, a pioneer in the food processing industry, offers first-class engineering design capabilities in thermal processing and turnkey solutions for cereal production and snack-processing lines. “We have over 200 years of experience, plus our history in original design combined with the latest manufacturing processes allows us to push the envelope and give customers a much bigger payback for their purchase,” elucidates Newton. The company has state-of-the-art “tech centers” located in Horsham, PA and Glasgow, UK, powered by an extensive range of processing equipment. Through these “tech centers,” CPM replicates its clients’ existing processes and evaluates them accurately.
After testing, technicians provide clients with data-driven recommendations to optimize their operations. Furthermore, their facilities can also be hired to carry out confidential product and material development projects.

In collaboration with Beta Raven—one of CPM’s other business units—the machines are manufactured and equipped with innovative touch-screen control and data-driven technologies for monitoring and remote-diagnosing capabilities, along with 24-hour tech support. CPM’s robust and modular machines provide the durability needed for managing the day-to-day operations effectively, with guaranteed minimal downtime and periodic maintenance. The machines are built to be energy-efficient and to uphold a high degree of sanitation.

In addition, the firm provides maintenance contracts to customers, where CPM’s field service engineers and technicians assist with the installation, setup, maintenance, upgrade, and troubleshooting for all its product lines. From preventive measures to replacing parts, the company is committed to keeping systems running smoothly. “We work very hard to ensure that our designs hold up both from quality and sanitation perspectives for reducing the customer’s overall costs of ownership throughout the lifespan of the equipment,” explains Newton. The company’s technicians conduct tests, inspections, evaluation, and even refurbishment of the client’s existing machinery, regardless of its origin and award annual certification of compliance.
  • We work very hard to ensure that our designs hold up both from a quality and sanitation perspective

Armed with such a comprehensive range of solutions, CPM caters to some of the world’s largest companies across various industries and helps them gain operational resilience in their market segment. In one such instance, by using its innovative equipment, CPM helped a granola manufacturer improve its processing methods, which resulted in reduced drying time and a more consistent and sellable product. “Meeting customer challenges in various industries makes our company better and helps us bring newer designs or innovations from outside the particular market segment to our customer base,” states Newton.

The firm has an internal partnership within the CPM group as well as with external extruder companies. CPM owns the patents for key technologies in the industry, such as jet tube air handling and forced convection drying principles. In the future, CPM plans to offer plant-wide network control packages. In terms of geographical expansion, they have recently moved their European operations into a modern facility with room for scalability. Plans to open new facilities in China and South America are underway, owing to the growing demands in the food processing market.
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