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Jonathan Price, Senior Director, CSC Leasing CompanyJonathan Price, Senior Director
“Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.” - Haresh Sippy.

Slowly but surely, the folks in the food and beverage manufacturing, packaging, and service industry have seenthe potential and advantages of the not-so-new phenomenon of automation. Today, this automation is reshaping and transforming the industry faster than previously thought. Further accelerating this existing trend, the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing organizations to increase their investments in automation, robotics, and similar technologies. The restrictions COVID-19 has placed on business operations—including social distancing measures, workforce minimization across production processes, and plant shutdowns—have allowed automation to emerge as a looming bright spot in their fight for survival.

While minds are finally opening around what automation can bring to the table, equipment upgrades and replacements are inevitable. However, finding a balance between investing in advanced equipment and maintaining cash flow is where the rubber meets the road for companies in the early growth stage. Equipment leasing is a big part of the answer, offering a better alternative where capital is preserved for high ROI growth initiatives and organizations are better positioned to scale their business, meet milestones quicker, and address planned and unplanned financial obligations. Be it securing new equipment, technology, or systems, growing businesses stand in need of smart financing that can help them boost operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance the bottom line.

This is precisely where organizations like CSC Leasing Company are moving the needle. With an aim to support companies of all sizes and stages, CSC Leasing provides growth capital through its flexible equipment leasing solutions. Whether purchasing new equipment for a growing food or beverage company, replacing aging assets, upgrading to the newest technology, or expanding facilities, CSC Leasing empowers companies with non-dilutive financing for their operating, processing, and production needs.

But what makes CSC Leasing unique and an indisputable leader in equipment financing? “Our unmatched experience and a highly successful track record,” answers Jonathan Price, Senior Director, CSC Leasing. “With over $1 billion in transactions financed, we offer 35 years of trusted financing expertise along with extensive purchasing history and knowledge of the procurement process.To help our clients transition to become fully-automated businesses, we are driving this adoption withour CAPEX funding,” he adds.

Driving Adoption through Flexible Capital Solutions

Further touching upon the challenges for the early-stage companies, Price underscores that the inevitable shift to automation requires a significant capital expenditure for them, unlike more mature entities that work with established financing partners and have an automation plan in effect for years. Growing businesses are drawn toward automation, robotics, and other technologies with hopes of increasing profit margins, efficiency, speed, and innovation to compete with the larger counterparts. To enable this, CSC Leasing finances a broad range of assets, including robotic equipment and automated lines in production and packaging,providing a low-cost, non-dilutive form of capital for procuring assets. The company ensures that clients are leveraging equipment financing so that capital can be used for mission-critical growth and other operating initiatives—not constantly depreciating assets. By financing their equipment purchases, CSC Leasing allows businesses to extend runway and preserve cash.

At the core, CSC Leasing’s competitive and innovative leasing programs are similar to equity funding in nature. However, the company helps clients with equipment procurement instead of injecting direct cash into their business. Clients can hold a lease line of credit with the company alongside other sources of capital to reduce one-time cash outflows for depreciating assets.
The team focuses on building relationships with prospective clients and being a true partner, not just a source of cash. Each leasing program is tailored to meet the unique needs of the client, while also focusing on instilling trust and collaboration. The company’s promise to support clients through the highs and lows of growing a business rang especially true this past year as they—and everyone else in the lending world—had some clients in COVID-related forbearance.

Investing in Growth Oriented Businesses

Along their 35-year journey, CSC Leasing has served a broad spectrum of clientele across diverse industries, such as life sciences, biotech, manufacturing, logistics, and more. One particular early-stageclient required packing and production equipment for their beverage product to take the business to the next level butwas having difficulty finding a lending resource with their limited liquidity.In collaboration with the client, CSC Leasing was able to structure a lease to help them procure the required equipmentto scale the business.

Scripting similar success stories, CSC Leasing has no plans of changing course. The company is excited to build on its support and track record within the industry. “Over the last 12 months, many COVID-related changes have disrupted the industry, and many small businesses are affected by the pandemic. But here at CSC Leasing, we have the flexibility and capability to adapt to the changes and help support our clients,” concludes Price.

CSC Leasing Company

Richmond, VA

Jonathan Price, Senior Director

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CSC Leasing Company

"Over the last 12 months, many COVID-related changes have disrupted the industry, and many small businesses are affected by the pandemic. But here at CSC Leasing, we have the flexibility and capability to adapt to the changes andhelp support our clients"

- Jonathan Price, Senior Director

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