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Debby L. Newslow, President, D. L. Newslow & AssociatesDebby L. Newslow, President
The importance of ensuring optimum food safety cannot be overstated—from farm to fork, maintaining the desired quality of products is crucial for safe consumption. However, the implementation of food safety entails a complex mix of laws, standards, and best practices, involving governments, international organizations, research agencies, independent certification bodies, and more. Food processing and manufacturing companies often struggle to develop the right food safety programs and keep pace with the ever-evolving compliance requirements and safety standards in the industry. As such, organizations seek the guidance of expert consultants and knowledgeable instructors who have extensive experience in implementing best standards and can educate on the essential guidelines and standards specific to each industry.

This is where companies like D. L. Newslow & Associates make a difference. D. L. Newslow & Associates specializes in offering food safety training workshops, quality management consulting, FSMA education & compliance, and auditing services by employing instructors who are experts in various areas of food safety and quality assurance. The company focuses on Food Safety/Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan development, HACCP prerequisite programs, FSMA education/compliance, and internal auditing. D. L. Newslow & Associates’ workshops also include Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)-preventive controls for human and animal food (PCQI certification), Foreign Supplier Verification (FSVP), Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA), Root Cause Analysis, Certified Food Safety Manager, FSSC 22000, SQF, BRC, (GFSI benchmarked approved CPOs)and ISO standards for the various businesses across the food industry.

President of D. L. Newslow & Associates, Debby L. Newslow, asserts that her company is squarely focused on delivering customized training and consulting services based on the specific needs of the clients.
“We do not offer a generic program and pride ourselves on creating and providing unique programs and consultation for each client to meet their requirements,” says Debby. Experienced consultant, auditor, trainer, author, and speaker in the food and beverage industry, Debby holds over two decades of experience in designing food safety and quality Debby L. Newslow management programs and implementing procedures to keep companies in compliance with regulations. Debby is also the author of two best-selling books in the industry, which are used by many companies and universities in teaching about food safety and also as a reference for their company.

Be it juice, dairy, seafood, meat and poultry, packaging, produce, alcohol, and beverages—D. L. Newslow & Associates caters to all. Clients also have the option to choose between on-site training or public training offered at the company’s training locations. Debby adds, “Our consulting is manifold. We begin with gap analysis and then develop what is best for a company. We help clients understand the standards that fit their operations and enable them to design new operations, analyze existing ones, add products, or switch over to new products to ensure that they are compliant with required regulations, standards and manufacturing practices.”
  • We do not offer a generic program and pride ourselves on creating and providing unique programs and consultation for each client to meet their requirements

With such comprehensive training services, D. L. Newslow & Associates has garnered an extensive clientele over the years. In an instance, the company assisted one of its longstanding clients based in Florida to acquire a much needed qualification under a strict timeline. D. L. Newslow & Associates supported them with tools, training, and knowledge and reviewed their paperwork to help them write specific documents within the deadline and meet their challenge. On another occasion, the company worked closely with an organization that wanted them to set up a 12 months program in just six weeks. Serving as a coach and pulling up all the resources together, D. L. Newslow & Associates enabled the client to be self-reliant and prepare documents to achieve necessary certification. “What makes me the proudest is when we walk away, we are assured that our clients are now primed to deal with their challenges themselves. This is because we act as a coach, we don’t do it for them,” remarks Debby.

As FSMA becomes more prevalent than ever, and new safety standards continue to emerge, organizations are constantly on the lookout for partners that can help them understand and comply with regulations. As such, D. L. Newslow & Associates will continue to expand and enhance its services to meet the growing needs of clients. Debby, who has spent a significant part of her career as an auditor and consultant, intends to resume ISO 9001 auditing and Lean Six Sigma training to enhance the company’s emphasis on quality management and assist company’s with the integration of their management systems including ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Debby believes that her team and clients—from the largest to the smallest organizations—have played a crucial role in the company’s success and growth. Her books—“The ISO 9000 Quality System: Applications in Food and Technology” and “Food Safety Management Programs— Applications, Best Practices and Compliance”—include valuable insights from clients and are still relevant in the current food safety and compliance space. With Debby at the helm, D. L. Newslow & Associates has reached stellar heights over the years and will continue to serve its clients in the best way possible.

D. L. Newslow & Associates

Orlando, Florida

Debby L. Newslow, President

D. L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. offers Food Safety Training Workshops and Quality Management Consulting and Auditing Services. The company was founded in 1997 by Debby Newslow. The company employs Instructors who are experts in various areas of Food Safety and Quality Assurance. Workshops include group studies and interaction between peers and instructors in a small group setting. Some of the workshops offered include HACCP Plan Development and Advanced HACCP approved by IHA, Internal Auditing, HACCP Prerequisite Programs, FSMA-Preventive Controls for Human & Animal Food (PCQI Certification), Foreign Supplier Verification (FSVP), CAPA & Root Cause Analysis, Certified Food Safety Manager, FSSC 22000, SQF, BRC, and other ISO standards

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