Deacom, Inc.: Single-System ERP for Food and Beverages Industry

Jay Deakins, Founder & President, Deacom, Inc.Jay Deakins, Founder & President
The pivotal role ERP holds in the manufacturing industry is undeniably insurmountable; but, given the progressive technological ingress into manufacturing, the need for the ERP space to identify, and fill in the gaps left behind by the previous generation ERP solutions is evident. Irrespective of how wide or narrow the gaps may be, present concerns —erroneous code for business logic that slows future developments, inconsistent user experiences across applications, large data footprint that drags system performance, and so on—call for an addressing, before the time to act is gone. The food and beverage industry too is inseparable from the bludgeoning issues although there are solutions, but in silos. The current industry demand reflects for a single system source that can solve the prevailing intricacies, and Pennsylvania-based, Deacom’s ERP software for the food and beverage industry is just that answer. Deacom’s approach here is to be more than just an ERP software delivering a single system approach that can help manufacturers in the food and beverage space increase efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership.
Being web-based, DEACOM ERP Software can run anywhere on a device with a browser. To stand truly relevant amidst today’s technology driven business operations, the entire system is built with modern web-development tools that allow seamless deployment across all platforms. Unlike other solutions, Deacom takes a single-system approach through which it eliminates ERP complexities driven by bolt-ons and customizations, and facilitates handling of larger data sets as the operations scale. Furthermore, Deacom's centralized business rule allows new features and functions to be rolled out in the ERP software while ensuring consistent user experience across all applications.

Deacom leverages its ERP solution to tackle unique challenges of the food and beverage industry such as formulation management, production forecasting, maintenance repair planning, and regulatory reporting. With Deacom’s single-system ERP software, manufacturers can resolve raw material consumption issues and reduce dollars lost with greater inventory visibility. The software allows manufacturers to improve food and beverage production safety and traceability across the entire supply chain, along with tying customer service, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing and shipping together within a single-system. Some built-in features to suit the industry are- ability to scale any batch or package size with formulation management tools, managing catch weight items and enforcing QC holds to prevent shipping untested products.

DEACOM ERP Software’s competence in the food and beverage manufacturing industry is reflected through a list of clientele which includes the America’s Oldest Brewery, D.G. Yuengling & Son which has facilities at multiple locations. Yuengling's existing ERP system was outdated and hindering their ability to successfully expand their distribution. Amidst issues like duplication of processes and limitations to data access, Yuengling recognized the need for a centralized system that would integrate all departments across each brewery. Deacom’s approach of offering all users the same code base without customizations was a significant benefit for Yuengling. The client benefited from enhancements put in place for other companies in different industries to improve their processes and worked with Deacom’s team to enhance the base code to fit their unique processes.

Deacom’s journey from its inception in founder’s basement to current headquarters at Chesterbrook, PA, speaks for the heights the company has touched. "Our dedication to providing an industry-specific, fully-integrated enterprise software solution continues to fuel Deacom's success," says Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO, Deacom. Disenchanted by the traditional software model and claiming to be “the artisans of ERP,” Deacom carries forward its founder’s dream of providing software that is easy to implement, simple to maintain, have a predictable cost of ownership and have the ability to adapt to rapidly changing customer needs.

"Our dedication to providing a technologically modern and industry-specific alternative to the ERP market has fueled the success of Deacom"

- Jay Deakins, Founder & President

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