digi thermo: Smart, Automated Solution for Food Safety Monitoring

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Marco Bonifaccino, Founder & CEO, digi thermoMarco Bonifaccino, Founder & CEO
Over the years, the food service enterprises and restaurants have remained exposed to food safety challenges such as temperature excursion which has led to ample inventory loss. Monitoring when done without using any automated system or smart devices often results in fallacious outcomes. Manual, paper-based assessment techniques lead to blind spots threatening brand value. Philadelphia-based digi thermo makes manual food safety monitoring meet its end. Coming from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology background, conscious reasoning enlightened Marco Bonifaccino to lay the cornerstone of digi thermo. The company offers food temperature monitoring solutions which when attached to the freezers and other refrigeration equipment units can instantly identify erroneous behaviour inside the unit and send alerts without any delay, automatically.

digi thermo’s solutions prevent food decay and protect the inventory by monitoring the equipment round the clock.

The solutions send real-time alerts through SMS text and email in case of temperature excursion or other anomaly detection. The proactive insights help businesses improve energy efficiency and performance, thereby extending the service life of the equipment.
The highlight of digi thermo’s technology portfolio is its cloud-based intelligent analytics platform built on proprietary machine learning and innovative LoRaWAN technology. LoRaWAN has been designed specifically for the Internet of Things and enables smart solutions to transmit data efficiently and economically. The analytics platform helps food service enterprises and restaurants to analyze conditional data and historical trends. The insights gained help companies to eliminate or minimize inventory loss and reduce risk and streamline the operations.

Keeping data accessibility in mind, digi thermo has designed its self-installable solutions to provide quick data access through a web-based dashboard. Users can access real-time equipment data from a single as well as multiple locations through desktop computers, and mobile devices from anywhere. Visibility, automation, and systematic analysis of the data are the hallmark of digi thermo’s solutions. Powered by these capabilities, food service enterprises such as restaurants can get rid of food wastage, restore food quality, enhance equipment performance, and improve productivity replacing paperwork with automatically generated digital reports.
  • Our mission is to provide cost-effective and high-performance technology to minimize food waste

digi thermo’s involvement with one of its early clients emerges as a testimony to its success. The client was famous for their special gelato and other authentic food. Among the temperature-sensitive food items, gelato was at the top position for the items that required close monitoring for safety. Losing the quality of gelato for temperature excursions meant a huge loss on brand value and financial outcomes. At this crucial juncture, digi thermo joined hands with the company and provided them with the monitoring solution that ensured safe and secure gelato preparation and maintenance.

As the Founder and CEO of digi thermo, Bonifaccino nurtures a passion for technical innovation and aims to take challenging projects. He intends to develop game-changing technology that benefits the world. His immense passion offers him the impetus to bring new age solutions to tackle food wastage. Bonifaccino’s goal is to make food safety technology accessible to every food service business.

Since the analytics and machine learning are continually changing, digi thermo emphasizes on enhancing its technology in order to deliver greater value to its clients from the food service industry. “Our mission is to provide cost-effective and high-performance technology to minimize food waste,” says Bonifaccino. digi thermo can be expected to soon launch a monitoring food safety platform in Italy as part of its expansion plans in Europe.
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