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The need to proactively manage records and sourcing information has taken on a new urgency for food and beverage companies to ensure proper audit readiness. The quality assurance teams of food manufacturers, brokers, and distributors are responsible for tracking every single ingredient and must often reach out to suppliers multiple times in order to keep their records up to date. This often results in a continual inundation of incoming documents including, Organic, Kosher, Third-Party Audits, certificates of insurance, etc. The need for documentation has escalated while the tools to manage it have lingered in the bygone era of file folders and excel spreadsheets. Document Compliance Network (DCN) offers a simple and comprehensive solution to this growing problem.

DCN has developed a cloud-based software solution to meet the rising demand for ingredient tracking that automates and tracks the collection, storage, and distribution of food safety documentation. “This ensures that users are always organized, compliant, up-to-date, and prepared for all of their annual food safety document audits,” states Esther Ruvalcaba, Director of Sales at DCN.

Managing Compliance Documents Made Easy

DCN enables companies to effectively manage the documents they require from their vendors and the ones they distribute to their customers. DCN’s software seamlessly automates workflows for inbound, outbound, as well as internal documents, allowing companies to easily track and audit regulatory documentation. The software uses pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets to upload the lists of customers, vendors, and products bought and sold for a fast setup.
Further, the solution can automatically track document history and create archives for the storage of historical data.

With three separate dashboards— vendor, customer, and internal—DCN provides key statistics related to a company’s document management process. Users can gain complete visibility into document expiration dates through these dashboards and monitor compliance on both the vendor and customer side. The dashboards display the real-time status of missing, expired, or expiring documents, which enables companies to focus their efforts on the right areas and prepare for future audits. DCN sends automated emails to client’s vendors and suppliers to notify them of any upcoming document expirations. “We notify them to submit all required documents including letter of guarantee, certificate of insurance, Organic, Kosher, Third-Party Audits, and more. The supplier can simply reply to the email, attach the documents, put in the expiration date of the documents, and hit the upload button. It automates and simplifies the whole process without making the supplier log in or sign up,” says Esther. “Every document that's uploaded into the program is 256-bit encrypted and backed up on secure servers in different parts of the U.S. to establish effective data security,” she adds.

All emails and reminder intervals are customizable and companies are in complete control of how they interface with vendors and customers. Further, the program allows companies to automatically share the compliance documents with their customers to minimize compliance risks and eliminate document requests. DCN can also track an internal auditing process of documents for accuracy while allowing a subscriber to easily export all of the data into a PDF file that can be used for an external audit.
A Testament to Exemplary Capabilities

Esther paints a clearer picture of DCN’s capabilities by narrating one of their clients' success story. The company had three full-time employees just dedicated to getting documents from their suppliers and answering customer requests. “They were always behind schedule and would spend even up to five months trying to procure compliance documentation before audits,” informs Esther. This scenario drastically changed after the client set up DCN's program. With DCN’s pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets, the whole process was exceptionally fast and allowed them to get up and running within a day. They could simply log in to check the documents and prepare for the audit, which saved significant time and made their next audit completely painless. This allowed their Quality Assurance (QA) department to implement different programs and obtain certifications, which was previously not possible due to the excessive time they were spending managing documents manually.

With the stage set and sights set on sky-high growth, DCN has gained huge traction in the market due to its user-friendly, easy-to-use, and inexpensive program and aims to double its size in the near future. "We believe that if you want to automate your documentation, you should be able to do it without spending a whopping hundred thousand dollars," states Esther. What’s more, DCN offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, enabling companies to use the software for three months and decide if it's the right fit for them. If they're unhappy for any reason, DCN provides them with a full refund.

Document Compliance Network

Wilsonville, Oregon

Esther Ruvalcaba, Director of Sales

Document Compliance Network offers a cloud-based solution that automates and tracks the collection, storage, and distribution of food safety documentation

"We believe that if you want to automate your documentation, you should be able to do it without spending a whopping hundred thousand dollars"

- Esther Ruvalcaba, Director of Sales

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