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Keith Fraleigh, President & CEO, ESEKeith Fraleigh, President & CEO
Meeting the growing and complex demands of a fast-paced market, particularly food and beverage, is a precondition for manufacturers. Understanding the need to address this rising trend, ESE, a leading global firm has been aiding major food and beverage manufacturing companies in their road to success and profitability by providing a plethora of services, including quick production changeovers by adhering to security and compliance, and focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Based in Marshfield in Wisconsin, ESE has emerged as one of the key integrators of food and beverage automation systems. The company enables its clients to innovate, integrate and iterate products by leveraging information integration and analytics, process automation, and best-in-class support services. The company also helps customers optimize profits and production processes by integrating controls with their existing MES / ERP systems to achieve performance gains.
Since its inception in 1981, ESE has been at the forefront of delivering advanced plant automation systems.

ESE’s extensive experience in the high sanitary requirements of egg and dairy plant automation has been a plus point in tackling challenges associated with the food and beverage industry. Backed by a team of process experts, the company helps clients meet the challenges with innovative process automation, information solutions, and facility modernization services. Additionally, the company’s instrumentation and system integration skills provide a complete range of solutions that helps in analyzing and verifying the quality of the food or the beverage produced and its composition. Some of the industries served by ESE include dairy, flavors and ingredients, eggs, and brewery and winery, among others.

ESE helps in meeting the demands for real, all-natural dairy foods by providing manufacturers with a variety of services that includes the installation of a plant that produces milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and more, thereby ensuring consumers get healthy options without giving up on taste. The company also addresses the growing trends of the flavor and ingredients market by providing an extensive range of process automation and system integration services related to batch processes, blend processes, fluid processes, lot tracking, and process retrofits. As for the egg industry, ESE focuses solely on the processes, from receiving raw products to shipping finished goods, or any of the steps in between. Trained engineers help in improving process controls, automation, and analysis in key production areas, offering a full range of fluid processes for egg production including pasteurization and storage. Apart from this, ESE has more than 20 years of working experience in the brewery and winery industry. ESE has developed partnerships with leading manufacturers in craft brewing, micro brewing, regional operations and national beer production houses over the years. The company was approached by a major craft brewery to provide a flexible control solution. ESE enhanced a batch engine to achieve greater dynamic output, providing the brew master full control of the system, be it manual, semi-automatic, or automatic modes. It also allowed him to effectively produce large volumes of mainstay beers and maintain the product consistency and quality consumers require.

ESE’s dynamic team of engineers is led by company CEO Keith Fraleigh, who came onboard last year. Fraleigh believes ESE has “a tremendous amount of process experience” which allows the company to plant refits that minimize the impact on its clients’ day-to-day operations. Having served the market for more than three decades, ESE’s advanced process design and state-of-the-art control systems provide clients with the right automation system at the right price. The solutions provided by ESE assure the accuracy and agility needed to improve manufacturing operations. ESE continues its mission to support its clients in ensuring the products are safe, profitable and in-demand.

"ESE’s advanced process design and state-of-the-art control systems provide clients with the right automation system at the right price"

- Keith Fraleigh, President & CEO

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