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There is more to a food label than you’d suspect. Behind the packing and labeling you’ll find an industry with talented food scientist, registered dietitians, quality managers, chefs, and others that formulate and develop recipes and menus for their customers. Delivering their product to market requires a focus on both customer and regulatory requirements, which is not an easy task. The journey often begins with access to high quality nutritional data and software to support their work.

Learning from a personal experience, that nutrition and health are conjointly related, Elizabeth Stewart Hands, founder of ESHA Research, developed a nutritional database and nutrition analysis software that became an industry standard for quality and depth.

Industry professionals look for nutritional data and software that provides ease of use with accurate results. Many dietitians, nutritionists, researchers, and healthcare providers rely on the Food Processor Software and ESHA Database for diet tracking, analysis, recipe formulation, menu planning, fitness and weight management, and client assessment.
“We deliver professional nutritional software tools, data solutions, and services that remove the complexity of product development, labeling, compliance, and workflow integration,” says Craig Bennett, CEO at ESHA Research.

With the implementation of ‘The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA)’ in 1990, nutrition labeling of most food items became mandatory, and this served as the impetus for development of the ESHA’s Genesis Food Formulation and Labeling software which was released in 1991. It is a workflow platform that is used primarily by professionals of corporate teams for product formulation, nutritional analysis, and compliant labeling.

Many prominent restaurant chains like McDonalds, Red Robin, and Omaha Steaks use ESHA’s software to calculate the nutritional value of food available on the menu. The company caters 75 of the top 100 food and beverage manufacturers like PepsiCo, Kraft-Heinz, Kellogg’s for food product formulation, nutrition analysis, and labeling compliance. Their clients also include U.S. Olympic Training Center, various military special operations units, and even space exploration companies.

In the last several years there has been a lot of regulatory movement in the food industry. The FDA has been working on updating the food labeling | guidelines while simultaneously developing new regulations for restaurants on menu labeling. “We keep a close eye on the regulations and implement changes to our software to help our customers prepare for compliance. In the last few years we have added a Food Menu Report and a draft version of the proposed FDA Nutrition Facts label to the Genesis Food Formulation Software,” stated Bennett. “Additionally, we have included Added Sugar information to our ESHA Database.” In addition to their software solutions, ESHA also offers Consulting Services for label development, nutritional analysis, and compliance.

Over the years, ESHA noticed a lack of formulation technology available to supplement manufacturers. In an effort to solve this problem, ESHA has developed the Genesis R&D Supplements Formulation and Labeling software. Designed specifically for the supplement industry, Genesis Supplements will enable users to calculate ingredient shelf-life overages, manage ingredients and formulas, create regulatory compliant labels, and distinguish between active and inactive ingredients. The product is scheduled for release in the second Quarter of 2016.

ESHA’s database gives it the competitive edge. Their nutrient profile is extensive and provides their customers with the details they need for their products and services. The company looks forward to see the adoption of its cloud services along with Genesis Supplements Formulation and Labeling that will allow them to open new markets in U.S. and internationally.

"We deliver professional nutritional software tools, data solutions, and services that remove the complexity of product development, labeling, compliance, and workflow integration"

- Craig Bennett, CEO

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