Green Sink Solutions: A New Approach to Sustainable Food Waste Disposal

Hasan Godhrawala,Sara Haji, Co-Founders , Green Sink SolutionsHasan Godhrawala,Sara Haji, Co-Founders
Massive piles of landfills full of untreated waste act as one of the major sources of greenhouse gases (GHG). Amidst this scenario, it’s a revelation to learn that across Australia, over 7.6 million tonnes of food waste generated by households and industries per year end up in landfills. Alarmingly, this accounts for more than 40 percent of landfill waste and nearly three percent of the country’s GHG emissions. To sustainably treat and recycle food waste, large-scale players in the food, agricultural and hospitality industries usually opt for expensive commercial composting systems. But the same is not economically plausible for medium-sized establishments like commercial restaurants, hospitals, schools, and student accommodations and is practically impossible for households. Moreover, obsolete organic disposal technology has led to an unfavorable perception in Australia about conventional food waste disposers causing plumbing damage, further deterring their implementation.

With a view to lessen environmental impact and change the perception toward food waste disposal, Hasan Godhrawala and Sara Haji endeavored to build an efficient, viable, and affordable food disposal solution for widespread use. Inspired by His Holiness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin – the spiritual leader of the Dawoodi Bohras, the religious community the duo belongs to – who is committed to reducing food waste, they founded Green Sink Solutions. The family-owned waste management company is the sole Australian manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, durable and sustainable modern food waste disposers to households and medium-sized enterprises. “Our focus is on providing sustainable food waste disposal solutions for households and businesses lacking the infrastructure to do it themselves,” says Godhrawala, co-founder at Green Sink Solutions.

Green Sink Solution’s food waste disposers have a compact design with adjustable height that easily fit under any standard Australian household or commercial kitchen sink without affecting plumbing. The disposers are equipped with sturdy, self-cleaning, near-noiseless blades that can grind leftover food and fruit and vegetable peels, and also egg shells and bones into fine particles. They possess the capacity to process significant amounts of food waste in large batches within minutes. The waste residue is flushed down the kitchen drain and sent to wastewater treatment plants to be converted to biogas or fertilizers. The disposers consist of high-grade seals and

bearings that make them durable enough to last an average of 12 years with minimal maintenance. Along with costeffectiveness, the disposers contribute to cleaner kitchens and organic waste disposal at a nominal structural investment.

What’s more, the company’s food waste disposers decrease the amount of landfill waste by a whopping 1.2 tonnes per household per year, while conferring businesses an estimated 40 percent annual savings in organic waste disposal costs. “The initial investment in the disposer will outweigh the cost savings over its lifetime, which translates into huge economic benefits apart from being an environmentally sustainable option,” states Sara, co-founder of Green Sink Solutions. The company is currently engaged to deliver cost-effective commercial food waste disposers to non-food businesses with large kitchens located in remote nonmetropolitan areas

Moreover, in a unique display of environment-consciousness, Green Sink Solutions’ founders plant a tree for every order they receive in a bid to supplement the tree cover lost during devastating floods and bushfires. Simultaneously, Green Sink Solutions is committed to transitioning to completely biodegradable packaging and also imbibing sustainability into its distribution model.
  • Our focus is on providing sustainable food waste disposal solutions for households and businesses lacking the infrastructure to do it themselves

Going forward, Green Sink Solutions will seek to enhance its food waste disposal technology with lowered decibel volumes, increased motor power and better output quality. Armed with a long-term goal to transform food waste disposers into staple kitchen equipment, Green Sink Solutions plans to incorporate its disposers into building design. Also, from being a solely online store, the company is looking forward to collaborating with retailers to stock its disposers in physical stores across Australia. On the anvil are plans to add new products based on customer needs and feedback. “We want to continue to develop and fine-tune our solutions to best serve Australian businesses and households,” Godhrawala concludes.

Green Sink Solutions

Sydney, Australia

Hasan Godhrawala,Sara Haji, Co-Founders

Green Sink Solutions manufactures and supplies sustainable food waste disposal units for both household and commercial kitchens.The family-owned waste management company is the sole Australian manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, durable and affordable modern food waste

Green Sink Solutions
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