InnoVint: Tradition and Technology Blend to Advance Winery Operations

CIO VendorAshley DuBois Leonard, CEO
Not everything in the wine industry paints as rosy a picture as a great tasting glass of wine. If you look inside of a working winery, production operations and record-keeping are often messy. Winemaking records can be scattered, and quality-sensitive information is trapped in the mind or notebook of a single person. This problem was ripe for a digital solution, marking InnoVint’s foray into the winemaking software space. With their mobile-driven record-keeping solution, the company provides superior insights into a winery’s operational data and workflow, keeping all the stakeholders on the same page. “Winemakers can get back to crafting great wines since our real-time, mobile-driven solution takes all that redundant data management off their plate,” begins Ashley DuBois Leonard, CEO of InnoVint.

With several years of experience in high tech combined with her early career in winemaking, Ashley co-founded InnoVint in 2013. “Our platform provides an intuitive, accessible tool to track every aspect of a wine from grape to bottle,” she says.
InnoVint’s ground-breaking solution enables winemakers to have all production information at their fingertips with cutting-edge technologists steering the product. The company breaks the mold by bettering the software experience with digital work-flows, integrations, and real-time notifications.

A wave of renaissance is sweeping over the winemaking industry since InnoVint arrived on the scene. Tracking production operations on an everyday basis is essential to every vintner, both for quality control as well as compliance, tax and financial reporting. Government agencies regulate bulk wine movements and additive product application throughout the production process. InnoVint automates these reports.

Additionally, to streamline the paper process, InnoVint digitizes cellar workflow, allowing winery staff to receive work orders on their smartphone or tablet. This allows work orders to be issued in immediate response to real-time data alerts. This ability for wine producers to take instant action is essential for quality control. A single missed outlier can greatly reduce the quality of a wine.

InnoVint’s clients range from small wineries producing as few as 1,000 cases to large multi-location, multi-brand enterprises. Features such as vineyard tracking, COGS analysis, and custom crush permissions make this an invaluable product to manage the entire product lifecycle.

The client experience is something highly valued at InnoVint, and it starts with a simple and quick implementation process. This allows the winery to be up and running in far less time than with other production software providers. It takes most wineries just a couple of days.

The company works with many integration partners— the most frequently activated being with ETS Laboratories—to automate analytical data entry into the InnoVint system.

Ashley draws attention to a trending business model right now, Custom Crush, where a single physical winery is utilized by other brands to make their wine. Sonoma-based Sugarloaf Crush opened their new winery in 2016 and required winery software solution to manage the entire wine production process and their clients. Implementing InnoVint’s unique software allowed them to maintain their inventory across all the brands in a single dashboard, and allows their clients to access reporting and assign work directly to the internal team.

The company has an international unit conversion built into their platform and has begun accepting international winery clients. Ashley is focused on continuing to add value to wineries by integrating into more processes, technologies, and sectors of winery business.

“We believe our commitment to helping wineries streamline their operations both today and as technology progresses is what makes us unique. We continually strive to adapt to new strategies and modern applications to improve the business of making wine.”
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