ITW Hartness: Establishing Benchmarks for Over Six Decades

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Tim Hudson, VP & GM, ITW HartnessTim Hudson, VP & GM
Secured packaging is undoubtedly one of the most utmost essentials customers look out for when they buy a food or beverage product. The very essence of a secured packaging involves preventing the product from contamination and keeping it as fresh as it is required to be. Founded to develop cutting-edge secondary-packaging solutions, ITW Hartness is a leading global firm that has been providing best-in-class equipment to the food and beverage industry for decades now, thereby offering them constant improvement throughout the production process.

Hartness launched its operations in 1944 and since then, it has been keeping its focus on catering to the needs of the food and beverage packaging industry by developing and providing the equipment it wants and needs – a key factor that differentiates the company from its counterparts. The company started as a beverage bottling company and today, it has earned the position of a seasoned global leader in the case packing industry. The company manufactures a wide range of case packers – right from slower to high-speed systems, continuous to intermittent motion and place packing, with various speed capabilities.
It has been developing technological innovation by reaching out to its customers directly which include production managers, operators, plant managers, and engineers to understand the challenges faced by them and what their expectations are.

In 1998, Hartness developed the DYNAC – an accumulation and buffering system to ensure that a production line continues to run even when one of the functions stop. Offering customers the ability to increase their operating efficiency, DYNAC has become one of the most sought-after products of Hartness. The company’s multi-packing platform comprises of mid to high-speed tray shrink, in-line top load and place packing, the film only wrappers and retail-ready packaging. The solutions provided by Hartness serve markets that manufacture alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food and dairy products. For non-alcoholic beverages, the company Hartness offers top load and place packing, shrink wrapping and wraparound, apart from utilizing innovative film solutions. As for the constantly changing dairy market which needs new packaging technology, Hartness’ advanced solutions contribute significantly to the safe and efficient production of dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. Hartness provides cutting-edge solutions through DYNAC’s patented first in/first out, product accumulation, buffering, robotic, and end of line solutions. Additionally, Hartness also provides engineering services and packaging equipment that enable manufacturers of wine and spirits to meet their flexibility and pressure-less container needs.

Hartness installed over 6,500 DYNAC systems, providing clients with higher efficiencies through, first/in first out buffering, pressure-less, simplified line controls and small footprint packaging line designs. Among the happy clients is The Wine Group, a leading wine manufacturer that distributes over 60 million cases of wine across the world and is known globally for its quality. When the firm was opening its facilities in Livermore, it had to handle a variety of customer demands, apart from requiring greater accumulation to ensure ample time for the bottles to travel through the various line stations. The new facility also needed all the equipment pieces to work together seamlessly. That’s when it turned to Hartness. The DYNAC 6900 machine helped The Wine Group to ensure consistent and pressure-less product flow and handling. The process further eliminated complicated controls and allowed close coupling of machine centers.

Hartness is run by a dynamic team that commits to customer satisfaction. The company’s service professionals are staffed throughout the world to provide instant service including technical assistance, on-site service and training, and replacement of parts. The company is led by its Vice President and General Manager Tim Hudson, who oversees strategic and day to day operations of the division globally and has full P&L responsibility. Worth mentioning here, Hartness is a subsidiary of ITW (Illinois Tool Works), a Fortune 200 diversified manufacturing company that delivers specialized expertise and value-added products to meet critical customer needs. Backed with a global network of resources, Hartness continues to break the ground with its customer-focused approach and top-notch innovations.

"The company started as a beverage bottling company and today has earned the position of a seasoned global leader in the case packing industry"

- Tim Hudson, VP & GM

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