Just Eat Takeaway.com: A Unified Food Delivery System for the World

Mr. Jitse Groen CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Just Eat Takeaway.comMr. Jitse Groen CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
The pandemic has transformed the outlook of the world and the way it functions. It smothered the traditional eating out at restaurants and date nights with the necessity to socially distance yourself. When the lockdown began, restaurants were forced to shut down and people were homebound. Since then, in spite of the world slowly coming out of its shell to the new normal, restaurants have had a hard time gaining customers to the same level as the pre pandemic era. On the other hand, food delivery has proven to be a viable option and has risen to the occasion to substitute for the business they had as restaurants. Just Eat Takeaway.com is a food delivery marketplace that has bolstered its business to connect consumers and restaurants and fill the void formed by the pandemic.

Formed in January 2020 by amalgamating Takeaway. com, an Anglo-Dutch dot-com company which specializes in food delivery and Just Eat, founded in 2001 in Denmark, Just Eat Takeaway.com functions with the mantra ‘One Company, One Brand and One IT Platform.’ Jitse Groen, the CEO of the company founded and launched Takeaway.com in 2000.Just Eat Takeaway.com is an online food delivery platform with a hybrid model.
It carries out online ordering via mobile applications or through the website and allows restaurants to carry out their own delivery.
Additionally, they also facilitate restaurants that do not have their own delivery systems which allow consumers to have a wide variety of choices to order from.

Headquartered at Amsterdam, the company currently operates in 24 countries with different brand names in different countries, such as SkipTheDishes in Canada, justeat.it in Italy among several others. The approach of unifying food delivery all over the world is instilled in the organizational structure, branding and marketing strategy / roll out of new initiatives as well as IT infrastructure.
  • I am excited that we can create the world’s largest food delivery business outside China

In June 2020, Just Eat Takeaway.com acquired Grubhub and expanded into the US market, a feat that most European companies from the food delivery industry have not been able to do. The CEO and founder of Grubhub, Matt Maloney will lead the business across North America. “Matt and I started our respective businesses at the turn of the century on two different continents. I am excited that we can create the world’s largest food delivery business outside China,” says Groen. “We look forward to welcoming Matt and his team to our company and working with them in the future.” Maloney states “I’ve known Jitse since 2007 and his story is much like mine. Combining the companies will mean that two trailblazing start-ups have become a clear global leader. We share a focus on a hybrid model that places extra value on volume at independent restaurants, driving profitable growth. Supported by Just Eat Takeaway.com, we intend to accelerate our mission to be the fastest, best and most rewarding way to order food from local restaurants in North America and around the world. ”

Since the pandemic, Just Eat Takeaway.com has seen its profits rise substantially with a double digit growth in its main markets. “Just Eat Takeaway.com is in the fortunate position to benefit from continuing tailwinds,” CEO Jitse Groen said in a statement. “We are convinced that our growth will remain strong for the remainder of the year.” With the rapid growth and development of the company, they aim to be the best food delivery company on the planet.

Just Eat Takeaway.com

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mr. Jitse Groen CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Just Eat Takeaway.com is a leading global online food delivery marketplace, connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform in 23 countries. We offer an online marketplace where supply and demand for food delivery and ordering meet. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company was created in January 2020 by bringing together two of the world’s most successful food delivery firms: Takeaway.com (founded in 2000 in the Netherlands) and Just Eat (founded in 2001 in Denmark). As an online food delivery platform, Just Eat Takeaway.com facilitates the online ordering, payment and occasionally, fulfilment of orders. We utilise a hybrid model which builds on our marketplace heritage (where restaurants do their own delivery) with logistics capability (for select restaurants without their own delivery capabilities). This model ensures consumers have the widest possible variety of restaurants to order from. Consumers can order via our mobile applications and our website. Just Eat Takeaway.com derives its revenues principally from commissions on the food ordered through its platform and, to a lesser extent, from online payment service fees

Just Eat Takeaway.com
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