Landen Strapping Corporation: Simple Machines meets Exceptional Service Model

For a company globally-renowned for creating simple and reliable strapping systems, Landen Strapping Corporation has wrapped its success with a service-oriented business model, something that has been lacking in the meat and poultry industry. “It takes a huge monetary investment to train qualified people to maintain your equipment, and that's what we excel at through our competent team of engineers and craftsmen,” informs Carl Carden Jr., the CEO of Landen Strapping Corporation. So how does the company initiate the process of delivering unparalleled service? It all starts with the installation of tailor-made strapping systems and on-site training of the clients' maintenance personnel and strapping machine operators. Landen creates scenarios where the workforce will be made to jump into action, should a possible breakdown occur. “We ensure that the client is on the same page during the installation and training phase such that they can quickly get up and running,” states Carden.

At its core, Landen designs and manufactures strapping systems that are “tailor-made” to the customers’ production settings and augments their products with a best-in-class service model. The company also ensures that its systems use top-notch technology, yet it is easy and simple to use. “In this industry, you can't provide a complicated machine, which would be a major hold-up for your client. We build strapping machines that are simple and then upgrade them with super high-end technology,” says Carden. Originally formed in 1978 as Continental Engineering, Landen has since gone from using basic AC motors to smart servo technology, which has moon-shot its strapping machines miles above its competition. Landen is also different in how it avoids out of the box solutions. It offers only customer-specific design configurations on specialized automatic strapping systems.

These include customized options not offered by other manufacturers due to their lack of fabrication capabilities or industry-specific knowledge.
The strapping systems that Landen offers epitomize the blend of technological sophistication and simplicity. With just 12 moving parts, it requires no lubrication, is extremely fast, reliable, and simple to maintain. Designed for demanding applications where high-speed production meets high tech strapping, the LANDEN LP9X system utilizes state-of-the-art smart servo motor technology and brings high speed strapping to the next level. Features that Landen offers for customization include waist-high auto feeding, loop ejection, and auto-correction, among others. “Our ability to customize each machine to the clients' needs has been a hallmark of our success since day one. Numerous options in addition to its high-performance capabilities, make our systems, the machine of choice when considering the next strapping machine purchase," adds Carden.
  • We build a strapping machine that is simplistic and then upgrade it with super high-end technology

Apart from the exceptional service model and tailor-made systems, what steers Landen ahead of the competition is its highly competent and focussed team of craftsmen and engineers. Carden mentions that he would credit his team for an exceptional 2019 for Landen. The company acquired true brand recognition in 2019 as it has been established as the household name in the poultry and meat industry. For the future, although providing top-class service will be a major priority for Landen, but the company will also be developing automatic stretch film machines. They will also be looking to expand by moving to theWest Coast, where their business model is in high demand. “The big point of success for us in the last five years was when we went to the smart servo technology, and along with our services, we will be looking to better our systems in the near future,” concludes Carden.

Landen Strapping Corporation

Hopewell, VA

Carl Carden Jr., CEO

Originally formed in 1978 as Continental Engineering, Landen Strapping Corporation has now become world renowned for some of the most simplistic and reliable strapping systems available. Since the inception of our strapping machine division, the company has focused exclusively on niche industries where harsh environments and high production rates are the norm. The company separates itself by designing and manufacturing systems that are tailor-made to the customers' production settings. The company avoids out of the box solutions by offering the customer-specific design configurations on specialized automatic strapping systems. These configurations include customized options that are usually not offered by other manufacturers due to a lack of fabrication capabilities or industry-specific knowledge

Landen Strapping Corporation
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