Lascom: Offering Compliance Solutions to Overpower Globalization

CIO VendorJean-Christophe Calmejane, Executive Director
Food and beverage industry is exposed to certain challenges like the pressures of dynamic consumer trends and need to comply with food safety regulations which apply to each stage of food and beverage development. Enterprises therefore should position themselves to efficiently reduce the range of complexities related to compliance measures and meet international standards. The Kearny Mesa San Diego, California based Lascom helps organizations to accurately adhere to business and regulatory rules, while increasing productivity and streamlining innovation. “We have the capability to help organizations manage regulatory rules and comply with the recommended nutritional values specific to different geographical areas around the world,” says Jean-Christophe Calmejane, Executive Director, Lascom.
The company aims at enabling customers to simplify arising complexities of their new product portfolio through a configuration management approach that provides valuable insights into different possibilities and opportunities in the market. “Through best product management practices, we provide our customers with a simple and efficient way to streamline their product development process to gear up outcome results,” says Jean-Christophe Calmejane. Lascom’s single core repository has various collaboration features that make the product information management easier and specification management more efficient. This food service software helps in the development of product portfolios based on new consumer trends across different parts of the world and also assists clients in products and menu lifecycle management through a powerful product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. Additionally, Lascom empowers customers to generate specifications in different languages in just one click.

To help good manufacturers survive market competition, Lascom helps them evaluate their business models and offerings frequently through solutions like Market Brief and Brief Generator. Additionally, their Project Review Management offering helps customers to select the best ideas from various industry information sources to quickly innovate and engage in new product development (NPD). The firm’s compliance management solution also aids organizations to comply with multiple regulations for data management and documentation attached to their products.

In one instance, Monin, a global leader in producing premium juice syrups for making cocktails in bars and hotels approached Lascom to retain their brand presence and business growth as well as manage their extensive and dynamic product portfolio. The customer, being very trendy, had to replace nearly 33 percent of the company portfolio to keep up with the fast changing cocktail trends every year. The renewal process was challenging, requiring huge efforts to handle their businesses globally and in 76 languages and nearly six regulatory systems. Lascom was selected to accomplish the task for its regulatory intelligence embedded module, allowing the global company to manage the complex, multi-national regulatory environment in which they operate, streamlining quality compliance in the NPD process.

The client success stories of the company stand as a testament to its strong hold in the food and beverage industry. Lascom has etched an immutable stature across this segment, by serving food service and retailers to improve NPD, product management, and supplier collaboration. For the future, the company is heavily investing on research and development projects to continuously upgrade their offerings and define better ways to cater to the needs of customers.

"Through best product management practices, we provide our customers with a simple and efficient way to streamline their product development process to gear up outcome results"

- Jean-Christophe Calmejane, Executive Director

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