Lumitics: Insight-AI-based Seamless Food Waste Management System

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Rayner Loi, Co-founder & CEO, LumiticsRayner Loi, Co-founder & CEO
It may appear as a trivial activity, but reducing food waste at all levels, be it consumer or domestic, could substantially contribute to preserving the environment and improving the social and economic statures of individuals, communities, and nations. In 2015, when the United Nations General Assembly envisioned a world with ‘Zero Hunger,’ countries from all around the world committed to reducing per capita food waste at consumer and retail levels by half. Still, barely any participating nation has formulated stringent regulations to achieve it. 1.6 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year globally, while fifty percent of the food served for buffets ends up in bins. According to the State of Food Security and Nutrition report for APAC, the region is not on track to achieving its SDG 2030 Zero Hunger targets—this observation is critically concerning since APAC is home to some of the largest economies and populations. In Singapore alone, 763,100 tonnes of food is wasted annually, while hotel kitchens throw away twenty-five percent of the ingredients they purchase. Changing the aforementioned narrative with its Big Data and AI-power food waste management solution is Lumitics.

With the vision to create a tool that empowers Singapore’s food and beverage industry to lead a change, the founders of Lumitics established the company in 2017 to develop a seamless tool that could be integrated into existing workflows across kitchens.
The solution named Insight combines the prowess of AI, data analytics, and image recognition technologies to provide valuable insights regarding wasted food. With holistic visibility of the foods that are being thrown away, Head Chefs could efficiently preplan the ingredients needed and minimize their food waste and expenditure

The insights generated by the solution essentially function as a feedback loop, empowering chefs to take the necessary steps needed to improve the cost-efficiency of their kitchens. Users simply are required to throw their food waste into Insight’s container and press its green button, and the solutions image recognition technology recognizes even the most complex food ingredients with very high levels of precision. Insight guarantees up to eight percent reduction in cost and environmental footprint and a significant increase in ROI within months of implementation. Lumitics’ product is utilized by several hotels, airline cruise ships, restaurants, and dining halls in Singapore to effectively measure wasted food, generate reports regarding customers’ taste preferences and seasonal trends, and enable the Head Chefs to modify their menus accordingly.
  • Lumitics provides AI and Big Data-based innovative food waste management and tracking technology.

Considering the massive contribution of hotels to food waste every year, causing nearly 1.25 trillion USD economic loss and eight percent greenhouse gas emissions, hotels in Singapore have taken a stand against food wastage and partnered with Lumitics. These kitchens are saving a substantial amount of food from being wasted and becoming environmentally sustainable. These hotels are also contributing to Singapore’s Resource Sustainability Bill, which was passed to impose obligations regarding the collection and treatment of electrical, electronic, and food waste in the country. Since every dollar saved in food waste corresponds to seven dollars in operational cost, Lumitics’ Insight is a powerful tool that businesses can leverage to improve their profits. In addition to saving money, organizations are also contributing to SDGs and preserving the environment. Considering the impact of food production on global carbon emission, it is evident that food security is going to be on the checklist of global leaders in mitigating the climate crisis. Lumitics’ product is on route to transforming the global food and beverage industry and fostering sustainability.


Singapore, Singapore.

Rayner Loi, Co-founder & CEO

Lumitics provides AI and Big Data-based innovative food waste management and tracking technology. The company’s founders established it in 2017 with the vision to create a tool that empowers Singapore’s food and beverage industry to lead a change. Insight, the product, seamlessly integrates into existing workflows across kitchens and provides insights to the chefs regarding food wastage. The smart food waste tracker leverages sensors and Lumitics' proprietary AI image recognition technology to weigh and identify what type of waste restaurants and kitchens throw away

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