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CIO VendorTorkel Olrik, CEO & Partner
With rapidly advancing technologies, a wave of significant change is moving through the food and beverage industry, redefining how companies grow, operate, and manage food processes. To explore new ways of managing business, Mark Information—an innovative software company offers workforce management solutions to help food and beverage companies find their right balance in managing resources. “In order to minimize seasonal fluctuations, we offer ProMark, a unique tool enabling customers to plan the utilization of the right resources at the right time and for the right job,” asserts Torkel Olrik, CEO and Partner of Mark Information.

ProMark is effectively used in online systems for attendance analysis and absence registration, shop floor control, reporting, planning module for staff roster planning and allocation, project registration, and access control.
It ensures the visibility of the workforce, provides an overview of how the equipments in a food processing plant function, and establishes coherence between production and logistics. The tool’s real time registrations and online validation ensures there are no keying in errors and in turn reduces manual processes. It minimizes the risk of late deliveries and decreases the unnecessary consumption of resources. The data that is created around time and attendance scheduling is further integrated into the ERP systems. “By offering classic implementations we see ourselves many times in front of large backend ERP systems capturing real-time data,” affirms Olrik.

As today’s food and beverage manufacturing businesses have numerous shop-floor data, collecting and crunching it to gain insights becomes a challenge for many. “We are innovating around two large areas to enhance the food and beverage industry, business insights and business intelligence,” elucidates Morten Janum, CIO and Partner of Mark Information. ProBI—Mark Information's Business Intelligence solution enables the analysis of workforce management issues based on the data contained in ProMark. It is a flexible tool that is capable of presenting data via ProMark's web portal or in a data cube with options for integration with the rest of the company's Business Intelligence environment.

Having been in the marketplace for decades, Mark Information has many success stories to its credit. In an instance, the firm assisted Royal Greenland, a seafood company as they wanted an easier administration process and rapid follow-up on their operations. For a number of years Royal Greenland had been using an old electronic time recording and data collection system at its factories. As the company wanted a more advanced Windows-based system, it decided to acquire ProMark– the latest generation software from Mark Information. The project was successfully completed within few months with milestones such as the start-up meeting, training of payroll clerks and foremen, test runs of wage periods, and finally, integration with SAP for production orders and feedback in operation along with the first real payroll run. The large amount of job registrations which were previously managed manually were now performed online, resulting in saving time and administration work, and improved production efficiency.

Tracing the road ahead, Olrik says, “We concentrate on developing systems which are simple to set up in daily use but with advanced utilization options.” Highlighting the simplicity, clarity, and productivity of their solution, the firm is focused to constantly foster innovation from an operational and business standpoint for a better tomorrow. “We continue to internationalize our offering as we see more and more customers doctoring ProMark solution,” concludes Janum.

"Our unique tool enables customers to plan the utilization of the right resources at the right time and for the right job"

- Torkel Olrik, CEO & Partner

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